Quality Enhancement Plan Teams

QEP Development Team


Matt Schwartz, College of Arts and Sciences, Chair
Kim LeDuff, Academic Affairs, Co-Vice Chair
Lauren Loeffler, Student Affairs, Co-Vice Chair

High Impact Practices (HIP) Action Team

Chelsea Boling
Sara Brake
Nathan Ford
Beverly King
Sarah Luczyk
Pam Vaughan
Julie Young

Communication Skills Action Team

Patricia Barlow
Chris Fenner
Nathan Ford
Megan Gonzalez
Michelle Jones
Tressa Kelly
Sabrina McLaughlin
Ben Stubbs
Chris Thrasher
Julie Ann Williams
Julie Young

Assessment Action Team

Melanie Diloreto
Sarah Luczyk
Joshua Schutts
Claudia Stanny


Ensure the timely completion of the QEP document to be submitted to SACSCOC, which must include

  • A focused topic directly related to student learning.
  • Clear goals.
  • Adequate resources in place to implement the plan.
  • Evaluation strategies for determining the achievement of goals.
  • Evidence of the involvement of appropriate institutional constituencies in the development and implementation of the plan.

QEP Topic Selection Committee


Topic Steering Committee Members (see below)
Charlotte Boling, College of Professional Studies
Pam Cadem, Division of Business, Finance, and Facilities
Disreally Cruz, College of Arts and Sciences
Kathy Johnson, College of Professional Studies
Barbara Larson, College of Arts and Sciences
Lauren Loeffler, Division of Student Affairs
Sabrina McLaughlin, Division of Advancement
Chris Thrasher, Student Government Association
TBA, College of Business


  1. Engage in a sifting process to narrow potential topics via a variety of efforts:
    • Use of rubric to analyze the viability of potential topics.
    • Engage the campus committee for feedback via Town Halls, Focus Groups, Surveys, etc., with the intention of soliciting broad participation in the topic selection process.
  2. Recommend a final topic for development as UWF's 2015 QEP.
  3. Recommend an appropriate planning team based on the topic and any special knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of planning team membership.

QEP Topic Steering Committee


Jim Hurd, QEP Fellow, Division of Student Affairs, Co-Chair
Karen Rasmussen, QEP Fellow, College of Professional Studies, Co-Chair
Stephen LeMay, College of Business
Matt Schwartz, College of Arts and Sciences
Kimberly Tatum, College of Professional Studies


  1. Support broad participation in topic solicitation effort.
  2. Identify, collect, and review extant sources that might suggest issue appropriate for QEP topic.
  3. Develop rubric for assessing topic viability.

The QEP Topic Steering Committee will focus on the first stage of developing an array of potential issues that will ultimately result in identifying a QEP topic.

QEP Implementation Team


  • To be determined.


  1. Manage the ongoing implementation of the QEP including assessment
  2. Prepare for the QEP Fifth Year Impact Report