Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, QEP Project lead and Chair of Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Mathematics & Statistics
Courses N/A
Primary Type of HIP Capstone Course or Experience
Deliverable Students will write a technical report and present their research findings in a verbal format.

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Undergraduate mathematics majors register for the one credit hour proseminar course during their senior year. Students will conduct research on a topic in mathematics and/or statistics under the advisement of a member of the faculty. Students will meet regularly with their faculty mentor to report progress and seek advice. By the end of the semester, students will give a presentation and submit a technical report that will be evaluated by by a Proseminar Committee, comprised of four Math/Stat faculty members.

Project Collaborator

  • Dr. Josaphat Uvah, QEP Project Collaborator and Professor in Mathematics & Statistics

    Dr. Josaphat Uvah

    QEP Project Collaborator

    Mathematics & Statistics


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