Portfolio Assessment of Student Writing

Dr. Bre Garrett, QEP Project Lead, Assistant Professor in the Department of English
Dr. Bre Garrett, English

ENC 2412: Writing in the Digital Age
ENC 3213: Professional and Technical Writing
LIN 3673: Grammar for Professional Success
ENC 3990
Primary Type of HIP Capstone Course or Experience
Deliverable Students will be able to use their portfolios in conjunction with their resumes and other job materials to demonstrate their professional readiness.

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The department has proposed a new certificate in Public, Technical, and Workplace Writing. As there is great demand for professional writing skills, we envision that each student in the certificate program will assemble a portfolio of professional writing samples generated across all of the courses in the program. 

This certificate will give our students the background in writing needed to be competitive in today’s workplace. The certificate program will underscore writing as a way to develop the critical writing, learning, and thinking skills necessary to all aspects of professional life.

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