Resources for Students

Quality Enhancement Plan resources for students include both on-campus and external opportunities, as well as Microsoft Word tips.

On Campus Resources

There are several offices and individuals at UWF who are aptly prepared to assist the QEP. The links below will take you directly to their web pages. For assistance with the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), contact  or the QEP director.

External Resources

There are several external sites that are of particular relevance and usefulness to projects associated with our QEP. The links below will take you directly to their web pages.

There are also several articles, blogs, and other resources that might also be of interest:

Articles, Blogs, and Other Resources
“The best cover letter I ever received.” by David Silverman on the Harvard Business Review.
“How to write a cover letter.” by Amy Gallo on the Harvard Business Review.
“I won’t hire people with poor grammar.  Here’s why.” by Kyle Wiens on the Harvard Business Review.
“How to improve your business writing.” by Carolyn O’Hara on the Harvard Business Review.
“Receiving communication” Leadership Tips with Quint Studer
“Communicating with your boss” Leadership Tips with Quint Studer
“Delivering presentations” CLIMB program at Northwestern University
"How to Write Email with Military Precision" by Kabir Sehgal on the Harvard Business Review.
"87 Business Writing Tips" by Mary Cullen at Instructional Solutions

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has readability statistics built within it.  From Word Options, click Proofing. Make sure Check grammar with spelling is checked.  Under When correcting grammar in Word, check the Show readability statistics box.

  • Flesch Reading Ease is a 100-point scale.  Higher numbers indicate easier readability. For most documents, a score of 60-70 is good
  • Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level is the grade level in school at which your writing can be understood. For example, a score of 7.0 means your work can be read and understood by a seventh grader.