QEP Reports

Reporting for the Quality Enhancement Plan includes the SACSCOC documentation, annual impact reports, annual changes, and process reporting.

Original Documentation

In January 2016, UWF received official notification that its QEP and Executive Summary were accepted by SACSCOC.  Below are the original documents we submitted for consideration:

Annual Impact Reports

UWF reports on the progress of its QEP each year as a part of our internal reporting cycle. Below are the annual impact reports.

What's New

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

In the spirit of continual improvement, UWF has modified its QEP from the original plan. Changes have been based on data and implementation results. Below are highlights of the significant changes made to the QEP since its original design.  

Changes in Year 1

Timeline and Process Reporting

W. E. Deming, an advocate for continuous quality improvement, believed in a four-point cycle which he called “Plan, Do, Check, Act.”  Deming also advised that leaders examine the processes that go into the QEP.  Below are files that summarize the timeline and process evaluation of our QEP.