Interpreting the Banner "Daily Requisition Status Report":

  • Log into “My UWF”
  • Click “Banner ERP Systems” Folder
  • Scroll down and click on “Information Navigator”
  • Click “Show All” at top of page
  • Change “Office of Record” to Procurement and Contracts
  • Click on PROC000011 “Requisition Status”
  • Note the various ways you can sort the report:
    • Index Code
    • Requestor
    • Buyer
  • You can leave the Index, Requestor and Buyer fields unchanged; but, you’ll need to enter a
  • “Begin and End Date”
  • REQ: Requisition Numbers
  • PO Number: There may not be anything in this column if a PO Number has not been assigned
  • Requestor: Individual who keyed the Requisition in Banner Fund: Fund Code
  • Orgn: Organization Code
  • Prog: Program Code
  • Actv: Activity Code–there may not be anything in this field, if you do not have an Activity Code
  • REQ Total $: Requisition Total Dollars
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