Inauguration Procession

Information for Delegates, Faculty, Learned Societies, Board of Trustees, and Platform Party.

1:00 p.m. - Check-in for Delegates, Faculty, Students, Board of Trustees, Platform Party and members of the Inaugural Procession.

Please check-in at the main entrance to the Science and Engineering Building (#4). Light refreshments available. Staff will be available for assistance.

Robing rooms are set up in the second floor lobby and classrooms. There are three robing rooms marked as Blue, Green and Gold. Staff will be available in each room to assist and direct.

  • Learned Societies will robe in the GOLD room (#202).
  • Faculty and Delegates will robe in the GREEN room (#205).
  • The Platform Party including the Board of Trustees will robe in the BLUE room (#210).

1:30 p.m. - Lineup begins outside the main entrance of the SSE Bldg. 4. Robing must be complete by this time.

1:45 p.m. - Procession begins from the outside entrance of the SSE Bldg.

2:00 p.m. - Procession arrives at the Center for Fine and Performing Arts (Bldg. 82). The procession proceeds through the CFPA lobby to the handicap accessible hallway doors leading into the Main Stage Theatre. Staff will be directing the procession.

3:30 p.m. - The Inauguration Reception will follow the ceremony. The reception will be held on the front lawn of the Center for Fine and Performing Arts.

Serving as a Faculty Delegate
President Martha Saunders invites UWF faculty to serve as delegates of their terminal degree institution. Delegates walk in the Inauguration Procession along with UWF faculty. Full regalia is required for academic participants in the procession.

Serving as a delegate at the installation of new university/college president is an time-honored higher education tradition dating back to the beginning of the university and college system in America. It began as a tradition that university and college presidents invited presidents from other institutions to attend their inauguration. As time progressed it became impractical for presidents to attend all the inauguration ceremonies. Over time Presidents began sending "delegates" to represent their schools.

Presidents being inaugurated have the option of allowing their faculty to serve as "delegates". President Saunders selected this option and has invited UWF faculty to serve, if they wish, as delegates representing their terminal degree institutions.

Since this is a higher education tradition and a well accepted protocol, it is not necessary for faculty to request permission from their school to serve in this capacity. However, if you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to request permission.

Faculty and delegates walk together in the Inauguration Procession as one group. The only difference between faculty and delegate is that the institution name of the delegate is printed in the Inauguration Program.

If faculty do not wish to walk in the procession, they are still invited to attend the ceremony.

Please bring your own academic regalia for the procession. Academic regalia for student representatives from the Learned Societies will be available in the GOLD staging room.

Inauguration staff will transport any personal clothing left in the Science and Engineering Building to the Center for Fine and Performing Arts. An area will be set up in the CFPA lobby so you may change from your regalia prior to the Inauguration Reception. The wardrobe racks will be marked with BLUE, GREEN and GOLD so you can identify your belongings. Staff will be available to assist you.

Inauguration Staff
Inauguration staff will wear a green ribbon with gold print “Inauguration Staff” ribbon for easy identification.

Parking for members of the Procession is in Parking Lot K. Please see this map.

Inclement Weather
In case of rain, the Inaugural Procession will take place in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts. Enter the CFPA through the front entrance. Staff will direct you to the check-in and robing area.

Faculty RSVP for Procession
It is important that faculty RSVP here if planning to participate in the Inaugural Procession. Faculty participating in the procession may also serve as Delegates from their terminal degree institution. Academic delegates are official representatives from institutes of higher educations. The name of your institution and the founding date will be included in the Inauguration Program.