Save the date! Join us on April 21, 2017 as we celebrate the inauguration of our 6th president, Dr. Martha Dunagin Saunders, and hear her vision for moving the University forward through its next wave of change.


Presidential Inauguration

On April 21, 2017, we celebrated the inauguration of our sixth president, Dr. Martha Dunagin Saunders.

Picture of Martha Saunders

My fellow Argonauts, UWF has been on a journey for 50 years now. Just like the Argonauts of old, we’ve had challenges thrown our way, but we overcame them by working together. It’s time now to take our trusty ship and chart the course for the next 50 years. —Dr. Martha Saunders

In keeping with the theme for UWF’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Dr. Saunders’ vision for the University is one of Sea Change—a promise of transformation and growth. With a focus on preserving the best of the past and planning for an even better future, she is maintaining the University’s commitment to providing the highest quality education while making enhancements on campus, in the community and beyond to gain recognition as the forward-thinking, innovative side of Florida.

Fifty years ago was just the beginning. Here's to the next 50 years of creation, innovation, and transformation.