President's Division

The President's Division houses several departments including: the Office of the President, Government and Community Relations, the Office of Economic Development and Engagement, the General Counsel's Office, the Office of Human Resources, and the Internal Auditing and Management Consulting office.

Office of the President and the UWF Board of Trustees

The UWF Board of Trustees is the 13-member governing body for the institution. President Judy Bense leads The University of West Florida and serves as the corporate secretary to the Board of Trustees. The Vice President and Chief of Staff, Dr. Kim Brown, provides leadership for the departments in the President's division including Government Relations, Human Resources, the Office of Economic Development and Engagement, Florida Small Business Development Center, and the Haas Center for Business Research and Development. On behalf of the UWF President she also serves as the liaison to the UWF Board of Trustees and provides leadership for the administrative team in the Office of the President. In addition, she facilitates the operational needs of the office of the General Counsel.

Office of Economic Development and Engagement

Assistant Vice President of Economic Development and Engagement: Rick Harper. The Office of Economic Development and Engagement serves as an umbrella to the Haas Center, led by Dr. Rick Harper, Executive Director, and Director, Brice Harris, and the Florida Small Business Development Center Network (FSBDCN), led by Mike Myhre. This unique partnership will foster entrepreneurship and economic growth through the education, training, mentoring and consultation services offered through the statewide network of Small Business Development Centers, while providing relevant data, research and information resources needed to create viable entrepreneurs, businesses and communities both locally and across the state of Florida.

General Counsel

General Counsel: Pat Lott
The Mission of the Office of the General Counsel is to provide legal services including representing the university in grievances and litigation; supervising outside counsel; advising university departments; developing and reviewing contracts and agreements; meeting various university reporting and accountability requirements; compiling records request from the general public; aiding in the resolution of student issues; developing and updating diverse university policies; developing and maintaining a comprehensive and informative Web page for the benefit of the entire university community.

Government and Community Relations

Assistant Vice President of Government and Community Relations: Janice P. Gilley
It is the mission of the Governmental Relations Office to manage communications with governmental stakeholders at the local, state and federal level including agencies and elected officials. The Assistant Vice President works with administrators, faculty, staff and students to identify issues for legislative action and works directly with legislators to effectuate outcomes beneficial to the university.

Human Resources

Associate Vice President: Cindy Faria
The mission of Human Resources is to provide vital and innovative HR programs that result in the employment and retention of a diverse and high quality workforce dedicated to student success.

Internal Auditing & Management Consulting

Associate Vice President: Joyce E. Betsy Bowers
The overall mission of the IAMC Department is to help UWF achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency by performing three primary functions: audits, investigations, and proactive projects.


To ensure that the University fulfills its mission and progresses towards its vision by leading and advancing UWF’s brand and reputation through effective focused administration, service, partnerships, engagement, talent management, and commitment to continuous improvement.


To be a model of excellence in service to our internal and external communities.

President's Division Goals 2013-2014

  1. Continuous improvement of high quality services. (1.2, 1.3, 4.1, 4.3)
    1. Enhance at least two services per department with a focus on innovation
    2. 50% increase (40 students) in retention/graduation efforts
    3. Improve institutional accountability
    4. Establish baseline and priorities for improving our processing time
  2. Enhance engagement and partnerships. (SP 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)
    1. 10% increase in research funding
    2. 5% increase in divisional external agreements that enhance UWF's goals and visibility
    3. 5% increase in presidential engagement aligned with goals
    4. Improve our profile as a leader in economic development (state, region, nation)
    5. Participate in five outreach activities in service to our community
  3. Facilitate recruitment, retention, and recognition of high quality staff and faculty.(4.2, 2.2)
    1. Analysis of  recruitment and hiring of first choice hires
    2. Improve staff turnover rate by .5%. Maintain faculty rate.
    3. Improve faculty compression. Improve staff compression by 5%
    4. Data driven decision making, strategic analytics
    5. Achieve external designations and recognitions