Star Card

A collaboration between the UWF Police and UWF Dining Services to recognize Stars on campus

The Star Card Program is collaboration between UWF Police and UWF Dining Services and was designed to recognize the stars on our campus.  UWF Police would like to recognize people who demonstrate the following values and standards by rewarding the behaviors with a Star Card.

A Star Card is a gift certificate redeemable at the Nautilus Market, UWF's All-You-Care-To-Eat and Meal Plan Dining Facility.  Shining Stars will be chosen based upon behaviors observed by UWF police officers.

Courage Responsiveness
Caring Safety
Helpfulness Teamwork

Some shining examples might include:

  • Keeping the campus safe by reporting crime, or information known about a crime to a UWF police officer or other campus authority

  • Demonstrating care for other members of campus by helping officers as needed with medical emergencies or other emergency situations

  • Keeping the campus safe by reporting safety hazards, such as malfunctioning street lights, building lights, door locks or potential road hazards

  • Help keep friends safe by being a designated driver when friends go out or by notifying an officer when one of their friends has had too much to drink and needs medical attention

  • Make recommendations to the police department which result in an improvement of effectiveness of the department’s interaction with the campus community

  • By doing the right thing