UWF Police Staff page.

The following are employees within this department. Feel free to contact them as needed. Please note: The area code is (850).

Employee Name Title Email Phone
Warren, John Chief of Police Email 474-2022
Faircloth, David Patrol Operational Captain Email 474-2415
Fletcher, Deborah Administrative Captain Email 474-2415
Cooke, Robin Office Administrator Email 474-2022
Ladner, Andrea Program Specialist Email 857-6183
Crime Prevention and Training
Gallagher, Kyle Crime Prevention Officer Email 474-3274
Davis, Walter Sergeant - Investigator Email 474-2415
Vacant Sergeant   474-2415
Barlow, Steve Sergeant Email 474-2415
Fails, H. James Sergeant Email 474-2415
Hinnant, Christopher Sergeant Email 474-2415
Lee, Abby Corporal Email 474-2415
Mainer, Jonathon Corporal Email 474-2415
Christian, Jonathan Corporal Email 474-2415
Miller, Christina Corporal Email 474-2415
Hatch, Jerry Officer Email 474-2415
Sutton, Anthony Officer Email 474-2415
Jordan, Lenora Officer Email 474-2415
White, Terry Officer Email 474-2415
Brown, Seth Officer Email 474-2415
Roby, James Officer Email 474-2415
Small, William Officer Email 474-2415 
Vacant Officer    
Brooks, Joshua Police Security Tech Email 474-2415
Conforti, Donna Police Security Tech Email 474-2415
Communications Center
Hall, Stephanie Sr Communications Operator Email 473-7227
Vacant Communications Operator   474-2415
Vacant Communications Operator   474-2415
Bermejo, Sandra Communications Operator Email 474-2415
Hunt, Janice Communications Operator Email 474-2415
Robarts, Janel Communications Operator Email 474-2415
Mettee, Charlene Communications Operator Email 474-2415
Whitworth, Chris Communications Operator Email 474-2415