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General Tuition Assistance Information

Service members of the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible for the Tuition Assistance (TA) program, which pays for civilian, voluntary higher education. General military tuition assistance is available from the Military Tuition Assistance Information Center.  Tuition Assistance information for each specific service is available from the following links:  USAF, USN, USMC, US ARMY, USCG and National Guard.

ALERT: Spring 2018 Semester Note for Active Duty AIR FORCE in undergraduate courses:

Due to a recent change in Air Force policy, the state of Florida tuition differential will no longer be funded by the Air Force TA.  Until this issue is resolved, Air Force students using military TA for undergraduate courses will be responsible for the payment of the $38.88 per semester hour tuition differential ($116.64 per 3 semester hour course). 

Vouchers received that include the tuition differential will be invoiced back to the Air Force less the differential amount, which will create a balance due the University in your CashNet account.   Graduate students are not affected by the new Air Force policy.  For questions regarding the new Air Force policy, please contact your Air Force education center.

UWF Tuition Assistance Information

Return completed and approved Tuition Assistance Vouchers to the UWF Military and Veterans Resource Center before the end of regular registration (day before classes begin).  You may submit the TA Voucher by:


Fax:     850-474-2671  Attn: David Hirras
Mail:    UWF Military and Veterans Resource Center
            Attn: David Hirras
           11000 University Parkway
           Bldg 38, Room 147
           Pensacola, FL 32514

In the case of a student called to active duty military service or change of orders due to military conflict within the semester, the student must contact the Office of the Registrar and provide a copy of military orders immediately.  Students will have the option of withdrawing with a complete refund, withdrawal with a grade of "W", or accepting incomplete grades to allow the student to complete the courses at a later date.  Students are asked to notify UWF of their desired option.  The transcripts of students who have contacted the Office of Registrar as stated above and are subsequently withdrawn, awarded refunds, or given incomplete grades will be annotated with an appropriate statement indicating action taken was due to military active duty service.

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