New Veteran Students

The Staff of the Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) are excited that you have chosen to attend the University of West Florida (UWF). We are here to ensure your application process and transition to our campus is as smooth as possible.

Transitioning from the military to a college campus can be tougher than you think. While the campus environment is probably much safer than what you are used to, it does offer its own set of pitfalls.

The University of West Florida has one of the fastest growing populations of veterans in the state and many of these veterans are actively involved in the events and opportunities provided by the Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC).

One of the challenges you might face as a veteran is paying for your college education as you will likely enter college with more financial obligations than those of the average high school student. If you plan on using your GI Bill® benefits to pay for school, you must apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You can do this via the or in our office which is located at Building 38, Room 147. The University does NOT evaluate your service record to determine your benefits eligibility; that is the role of the VA. However, we will assist you in the benefits application process by putting you in contact with a VA representative and providing you with the necessary forms.

Once you have received approval from the VA, you simply need to bring your certificate of eligibility or entitlement to the MVRC for verification. The University will then notify the VA of your status as an enrolled student.

Students who depend on these benefits to meet their living expenses should bring enough money to cover expenses for at least eight weeks while the first benefit check is processed.

Where Do I Start

Once you are admitted to UWF, you can contact the Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) for information on how to process your file for benefits.

Where Do I Start

What Chapter Am I

As a Veteran, you may be eligible for several types of VA education and training benefits.

What Chapter Am I

How Do I Get Paid

If you qualify for benefits under Chapter 30, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606 or Chapter 1607, a monthly benefit check is deposited monthly into your personal bank account.

How Do I Get Paid

How to get your military transcripts

The goal of the University is to recognize your efforts in uniform and translate those accomplishments to academic credit. The University of West Florida follows the American Council on Education's (ACE) recommendations for awarding credit for your military training. You can view ACE recommendations for military training at: Military Guide. The Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) and Sailor Marine Corps American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) have been aligned to implement one collaborative transcript program called the Joint Services Transcript (JST).  The JST is now the official transcript tool for Army, Marine Corps and Navy personnel.  UWF accepts your AARTS, SMART and Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) credits and applies them towards your degree when possible.

To request an official military transcript, simply log on to:

Online Campus - Supports Military and Veteran Students

One of the most innovative opportunities the Internet opened up for men and women serving in the military is the ability to earn a college degree online - wherever they are based or deployed. It's also a great option for employed veterans and their spouses - allowing them to earn a degree without taking time off from their civilian jobs.  Online education has come a long way and the University of West Florida offers robust, highly interactive learning environments that can make online learning as engaging as on campus classes.

UWF makes it easy and affordable for military personnel and their family members to continue their college programs.  Tuition fees are very affordable and are well within the military services range of tuition fees authorized for payment.  The UWF out-of-state fee waiver covers the out-of-state portion of assessed tuition and fees for students enrolled in our fully online programs or certificates. This waiver makes tuition and fees only slightly higher than Florida resident tuition even though students may live outside the state.

For veterans and their spouses, the flexibility of online degree and certificate programs, coupled with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, could cover up to 100% of tuition expenses.  

In addition to the academic programs listed on this site, the Online Campus provides educational support to the DoD - Worldwide through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). UWF actively participates in the DANTES. Troops-To-Teachers program as well as the new The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Initiative.  For assistance, contact

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