Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Graphic Standards Manual?

The Graphic Standards Manual serves as the foundation for the institutional identity as well as a "go-to" resource for each member of the campus community to act as a brand ambassador. It includes all standards for logo usage, graphic identity, stationary, plus a variety of additional resources.

When and how can I use the UWF logos?

Our Graphic Standards Manual outlines all primary logo usage standards in great detail. To submit a request for a UWF logo, department logo signature or for any logo questions, contact Creative Director Pola Young at

How can I access the UWF Athletics logo?

The UWF Athletics logos are only available for use by the Athletics Department and may not be used or manipulated by anyone other than approved parties. However, one athletic logo was set aside for non-athletic related uses and its use can be approved on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions about this or would like to request use of the available athletic logo, please contact Creative Director Pola Young at As part of your request for use of the approved athletic logo, please include your intent for use and your affiliation to the University.

Does UWF have specific fonts & colors?

UWF's primary colors are Blue and Green. Standards for usage are outlined within the Graphic Standards Manual. For questions, please contact Creative Director Pola Young at

I want to order business cards with the gold seal; why I can't do that through the online ordering system?

The gold seal is reserved for members of the Cabinet and Board of Trustees only. More information can be found in the Graphic Standards Manual.

I have an issue with a business card, letterhead or stationery order I am trying to place through the online system. Who do I contact for help?

For technical questions about ordering on the MLI site, please contact MLI representative Michael Shea, at 1-800-741-6838, Ext. 227.

For questions concerning letterhead, envelopes and business card styles available on the MLI site, contact Joy Ward in Business and Auxiliary Services at

Can we create our own marketing materials?

Yes, however, if you choose to create projects yourself that will be used off-campus, used to market to prospective students or new/incoming students in any advertising on behalf of UWF and/or use any artwork that was created by UMC these materials must be submitted for review prior to printing and placement. The purpose of this review process is to ensure consistency in appearance and messaging in support of the overall University marketing strategy and brand. Our Do-It-Yourself form is available by searching for the “Do-It-Yourself Print Projects Approval Form” in MyUWF. If you have any questions, please contact Creative Director Pola Young at

How do I publicize a UWF event?

Events sponsored by a UWF center, college, department, institute, program or organization that are open to any members of the UWF community and/or public should be submitted to the UWF Event Calendar, which is located at The UWF Event Calendar Submission Guidelines are located at For the most effective promotion, we recommend submitting events six to eight weeks in advance. The Communications Unit reviews all event calendar submissions before they appear on the calendar to ensure consistency and prevent duplications. Our team may potentially utilize information submitted to the UWF Event Calendar for additional outlets, but submission does not guarantee event promotion or coverage.

How do I create a social media outlet for my department?

The Communications Unit provides information, resources and training available to campus divisions, departments and units regarding the use of social media. Only authorized representatives of UWF may create accounts for the University. If you are interested in creating a UWF social media account for your division, college, department or unit, please contact Communications Manager, Margaret Roberts at