What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. UWF's adoption of a CMS system will make it easier for non-technical staff to manage web content and provide workflow processes for content to be reviewed and approved at various levels in a timely manner.

Launch Process & Timeline Update

Recently Web Services announced an update to the process and timeline for the final go live phase of the uwf.edu website. ALL sites identified for inclusion in the CMS across the uwf.edu web presence must be completely migrated into the CMS by June 30.


  • Site maps for non-academic / administrative units are due to Web Services by March 24. Site maps will be reviewed in the order they are received and assigned a launch window in April, May or June. Assignments will be provided to the CPs by March 31. Please review the CMS-ready general site map sample and the site map submission page for additional migration request information.
  • CPs must complete a Site Manager CMS training class in order to receive access to the system. Additional web training and CMS refresher classes are available.
  • Once the CP is trained and access has been granted, they will be provided with the website layout to begin build out. However, CPs are encouraged to continue working on site content outside of the system (using a Word document or other collaborative process).
  • Non-academic / administrative unit sites must be completed and submitted for review to Web Services the Friday prior to the last week of the month it was assigned for launch (April 25, May 23 or June 20). Sites will launch during the last week of their assigned month.


  • Academic department sites will continue to migrate into the CMS on a "rolling" basis as they are submitted to Web Services for approval.
  • Although academic departments are not required to submit a site map, they must adhere to the hierarchy and CMS compliance guidelines.

Content for ALL sites should remain accurate, fresh and relevant to the site visitors. Web Services will be offering additional courses focused on best practices for specific types of content and pages. Updates on training availability and additional web resources are located at uwf.edu/cms.

Please contact Jay Massey, Asst Dir of Web Services at 850-474-2427 if you have any questions about the CMS or the migration process. 

CMS Website Migration Request

A website migration request starts with the submission of the CMS Website Migration Request Form. The form aggregates all the information required for Web Services to set up your initial site structure within the CMS. This initial review and setup will help to streamline your content migration process.

Information required:

  • ArgoNet Account info
  • Responsible Party info
  • Content Provider info
  • Site Map for CMS Website (in Word or Excel format)
  • Any special programming needs
  • Please note, only one account / site map per submission

Once a Website Migration Request has been submitted, Web Services will make an appointment with the website stakeholders to review the proposed sitemap and resolve any potential issues.

Please contact Jay Massey, Asst Dir of Web Services at 850-474-2427 if you have any questions about the CMS or the migration process. 

Submit your sitemap using the CMS Website Migration Request Form