Below you’ll find a list of average timelines for the more common services our department performs. UMC gauges these timelines using the Project Priority Hierarchy as context to develop realistic and efficient turnaround for clients.

Please note that these ranges are estimations and that actual timelines are established when a Marketing & Creative Services staff member confirms them directly with a client.

Creative Services

Postcards/Posters/Flyers (3+ weeks): Single-sided/double-sided informational or event driven materials

Web Graphics (2 to 3 weeks): Graphics for a web page or social media site

Banners (2 to 3 weeks): Artwork for production of a banner for indoor or outdoor use

Brochures (4+ weeks): Two-sided, single-sheet and folded materials (tri-fold or quad-fold) for mailing or distributing

Publication/Booklet/Newsletter (2 to 6 months): Two-sided, multi-page, folded and bound for distribution. Please note timing varies considerably due to the size and scope of this type of project

Photography & Video Production (timelines vary): Professional photography or video services vary significantly based on the scope of the project

Communications Services

Social Media Consultation and Development (2 to 3 weeks):The development of a new UWF social media outlet. Marketing & Creative Services will provide appropriate graphic materials for all UWF social media outlets during the consultation and development process.

Web Services

Setup of Websites (4 to 6 weeks): Assembly of new web pages using the template system

This is not a comprehensive list of our services. For additional information, please contact the Creative Services Specialist, Brittany Boyd, at bboyd@uwf.edu.