Brand Ambassador Program

The UWF Brand Ambassador Program creates the opportunity to explore our institutional brand from its very foundation through the various roles and responsibilities of those on our campus. The program is open to all UWF faculty and staff and is free for both the individual participant and the department.

Successful completion of the UMC Brand Ambassador Program is a recognized certificate by the UWF Human Resources department. Participants must complete both Phase I courses and four Phase II courses within a two-year period (beginning from each participants' completion of the first course). Upon successful completion, those receiving the certificate will be official UWF Brand Ambassadors.

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Course Descriptions

Bios on all UMC course instructors can be found on our Staff Page.


Marketing 101 (REQUIRED): This course is a primer on marketing that covers what Marketing is, what its functions are and the basic four-step process that should be followed when creating or implementing a new project or initiative for your division, department, unit or program.
Instructor: TBA

UWF Branding (REQUIRED): This course provides an overview of the institutional brand, the UMC brand guide as well as how to work with our department, including an inside look at our core operational philosophy. Marketing 101 is a prerequisite for this course.
Instructor: TBA


Graphic Design: The course covers the basic University Marketing & Communications design philosophy principles regarding contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity related to the UWF brand. This course requires basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and access to the software license.
Instructor: Pola Young, Creative Director

Digital Media: This course covers the acquisition and use of official university photography and video assets. In addition, tips and techniques on proper utilization of the assets are provided.
Instructor: Lauren Smith, Assistant Director, Digital Media

Research & ROI Metrics/Evaluation: This course covers the basic fundamentals of facilitating marketing research projects such as surveys and focus groups. The material also covers how to properly analyze data and create ROI metrics in order to evaluate the success of your programs, projects and initiatives.
Instructor: TBA

Media Training: This course covers what to do in the event media interview faculty and staff on initiatives, projects, programs and various expert topics and how to facilitate an engaging, productive interview.
Instructors: Megan Gonzalez, Director of Communications

Maximizing Your Website Content (formerly known as Writing for the Web): Content is king when it comes to any website on campus. Site visitors expect to easily find information that is current, easy to navigate and relevant to what they are searching for. In this brief tutorial, you will learn easy tips and tricks that will allow you to maximize the content on your department/unit's site and optimize your presence on the web. Those involved with creating content for academic program pages, are strongly encouraged to attend the new Maximizing Your Academic Program Page Web Content class.
Instructor: TBA

Social Media: This course reviews the UWF social media standards and teaches attendees how to position the outlets in alignment with the university’s goals as well as various tactics for use and promotion of programs, projects and initiatives.
Instructors: Megan Gonzalez, Director of Communications and Margaret Roberts, Communications Manager

Integrated Marketing Communications (REQUIRED): This course covers the fundamentals of analyzing research to properly identify your target audience and the key message strategies required to attract them. In addition, this course covers the importance of embracing multiculturalism within your marketing projects, programs and initiatives.
Instructor: TBA

Program Benefits

Certification Completion

Successful completion of the UMC Brand Ambassador Certification program is a recognized certificate by UWF’s Human Resources department. Participants must complete a total of seven courses as per the Phase I and Phase II requirements all within a two-year period (beginning from each participants completion of the first course). In addition, participants must complete the capstone course, Integrated Marketing Communications. Upon successful completion those receiving the certificate will be offered the opportunity to gain access to additional marketing resources developed exclusively for official UWF Brand Ambassadors.

After completion of the program, UWF Brand Ambassadors are empowered to:

  • Construct measurable goals and objectives that align with the UWF brand and strategic directions of the university.
  • Easily use the UWF brand effectively in daily work environment.
  • Share tips and techniques that encourage fellow UWF employees to use the UWF brand in a consistent manner.
  • Showcase talents and abilities to other UWF communicators and members of the campus community.