Social Media

The University of West Florida recognizes social media and networking as a valuable marketing and communications tool. Through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and additional outlets, the University engages with current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends.

Only authorized representatives of UWF may create accounts for the University. If you are interested in creating a UWF social media account for your division, college, department, unit or organization, please contact Communications Manager Margaret Roberts at

Social Media Strategic Planning

If you are considering establishing a social media presence for division, department, program or unit on behalf of the University, please follow the below steps.


What do you want to accomplish by having a social media presence? Clearly identifying your expectations and related goals for social media from the very beginning is critical. How does this purpose align with the UWF Strategic Plan?


Who are you trying to reach? It is critical that you define who you are talking to,so that you can properly select the social media channels/types and content/conversations that you need.


Have you identified who will be primarily responsible for managing social media? Someone should be the designated "owner" for the channels. In addition, support personnel should be selected in case the person responsible is on leave or otherwise not available. Team members should not only be capable on a professional level of engaging with your audience(s), but they should also have the time, enthusiasm and creativity.


What type of content do you want to share and how will this content be generated? This is where understanding your audience will help inform your decisions. Don't underestimate the importance of content. Posting primarily news updates, event information or promotional content is not recommended. It's called social media for a reason.

Engagement & Conversations

How will you engage informally with your audience in authentic conversations in this online environment? Social media is about two-way conversation, people want to be talked with, not talked at. Sometimes "small talk" is more valuable than messaging.

Measuring Success

How will you evaluate the success of your social media efforts? If your goal is to drive traffic to your website or increase attendance at an event, then you need to clearly define that going in so you can show the value of the time and other resources spent on social media.

Social Media Standards

In order to effectively communicate through social media, UWF recommends that all social media outlets to adhere to the UWF Social Media Standards.

Social Media How-To’s

Learn how to effectively utilize specific social media outlets and best communicate with your audiences with these Social Media How-To’s.

Social Media Hashtags

In order to effectively communicate through social media, UWF recommends that all social media outlets utilize the official UWF Hashtags.

University Social Media Graphics

UWF provides official graphics that are available for all recognized University social media accounts. Social media administrators can utilize any of the below graphics, after consulting with the Communications team for official authorization.

  • Facebook_180x180_Gen_Blue
  • Facebook_180x180_Gen_Green
  • Facebook_180x180_Gen_Green_Shell
  • Facebook_180x180_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • Twitter_500x500_Genn_Green_Shell
  • Twitter_500x500_Gen_Green
  • Twitter_500x500_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • Twitter_500x500_Gen_Blue
  • LinkedIn_Group_100x50_Gen_Blue
  • LinkedIn_Group_100x50_Gen_Green
  • LinkedIn_Group_100x50_Gen_Green_Shell
  • LinkedIn_Group_100x50_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • Pinterest_600x600_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • Pinterest_600x600_Gen_Green_Shell
  • Pinterest_600x600_Gen_Green
  • Pinterest_600x600_Gen_Blue
  • YouTube_800x800_Gen_Blue
  • YouTube_800x800_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • YouTube_800x800_Gen_Green_Shell
  • YouTube_800x800_Gen_Green
  • Instagram_500x500_Gen_Blue
  • Instagram_500x500_Gen_Green
  • Instagram_500x500_Genn_Green_Shell
  • Instagram_500x500_Gen_Blue_Shell
  • Flickr_300x300_Gen_Blue
  • Flickr_300x300_Gen_Green_Shell
  • Flickr_300x300_Gen_Green
  • Flickr_300x300_Gen_Blue_Shell

Photography for Social Media

If you are interested in utilizing official University photography for social media purposes, we encourage you to review the UWF Picasa Web Albums, which contain a variety of photos. The albums are updated periodically, so please check back from time to time. UMC also maintains a more extensive digital library of photos that are used for various marketing needs on an internal department server. If you see something you like in Picasa but want to see additional options from a particular event or location on campus, please contact the Assistant Director of Digital Media, Lauren Smith, at

Connect with Us

The University offers an optional "Connect with Us" webpage to house social media icons, contact information and links. The "Connect With Us" page should live under the "About Us" group name on your site. Verbiage may be added directly under the "Connect with Us" header to welcome and explain the use of your page to visitors. For instructions on how to set up your "Connect With Us" page, visit our example page.

Social Media Contacts

Megan Gonzalez

Director of Communications
Cell: 850.797.0922
Office: 850.474.2658

Margaret Roberts

Communications Manager
Office: 850.857.6109