Internal Communications

The Communications Unit provides consistent messaging to the University’s internal audiences, including faculty, staff and students.

Internal communication channels managed by our team include:

  • The UWF Event Calendar, which features upcoming campus and community events hosted by UWF or campus organizations. Event Calendar submissions are also reviewed for possible inclusion in additional outlets, including campus Closed-Circuit Televisions, official UWF social media outlets and the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter, among others.
  • The @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter, which is distributed every Tuesday and Thursday and features University news, campus announcements, meeting notices and upcoming events. 
  • Closed-Circuit Televisions & Digital Signage on campus, including the Front-Entrance Marquee and Closed-Circuit Televisions. The front entrance marquee is used for welcome messages only. To submit a request to welcome an individual or group to campus, email Events are automatically pulled from the UWF Event Calendar to be featured on CC-TVs; no submissions are accepted.