Leadership Team

Megan Prawdzik Gonzalez

Megan Prawdzik Gonzalez, Director of Communications

Megan Gonzalez serves as the Director of Communications for the University of West Florida, where she is responsible for University strategic communications and media relations. Megan manages a proactive newsgathering operation by developing strategies that support and promote the University’s mission. Her passion for public relations and innate understanding of integrated marketing allow her to serve as a strong leader in taking University communications to the next level. Read More...

Jay Massey

Jay Massey, Director of Web Services

Jay Massey is responsible for implementing enterprise-level web and internet marketing strategies, policies and procedures for the University. Jay brings more than 25 years of commercial experience to the table, with 15 of them dedicated to specifically managing web application development and internet marketing. Having a solid understanding of all things web within the context of the vast world of integrated marketing equips Jay to serve as a valuable resource within the University Marketing and Communications team. Currently Jay is developing the next iteration of the University web presence, including content management system, mobile web and social integration. Read More...

Pola Young

Pola Young, Creative Director

Pola Young serves as the Creative Director for University Marketing and Communications, and her passion shows through everything she does. She must now return to her daily jive of juggling and herding cats… Bio to be continued! Read More...

Support Staff

Christina Anderson

Christina Anderson, Front-End Web Designer

Christina Anderson is the Front-End Web Designer for University Marketing & Communications. She possesses a strong background in script programming and graphic design and assists with integration of the new content management system and responsive web project. Read More...

John Blackie

John Blackie, Photographer

John serves as the photographer for the University of West Florida. Throughout the course of his 20 years as an active part of the University Marketing and Communications team, John has been providing a variety of photography services to the campus community. Working closely with the Assistant Director of Digital Media, in-house designers and campus clients, John’s photography is largely utilized as a key component of marketing pieces for the University. His services extend to departmental needs, campus events, student organizations and beyond.  Read More...

Brittany Boyd

Brittany Boyd, Marketing & Design Manager

Brittany initially joined the University Marketing and Communications team as an intern while finishing her degree here at UWF. Because of her previous experience within the department, Brittany understands the daily pressures it operates under, making her a perfect fit as the Marketing and Design Manager. Brittany’s daily operations include streamlining the design and printing process by working closely with the Creative Director, clients and printing agencies. With a graphic design background, Brittany is also able to help relieve the designers’ workload and take on additional design work. Read More...

Jennifer Peck

Jennifer Peck, Senior Graphic Designer

Jennifer Peck serves as the Senior Graphic Designer for University Marketing & Communications where she spends each day crafting projects to meet the needs of University clients and working with the team to develop the UWF brand. Jennifer has managed to gain a wide array of experience through her work, creating award-winning projects on local, regional and national levels. Read More...

Staff photo of Matt Rowley, Assistant Director for Communications in University Marketing & Communications

Matt Rowley, Assistant Director of University Communications

Matt Rowley serves as Assistant Director of University Communications at the University of West Florida, where he develops internal and external communications plans, strategies and initiatives to increase the visibility of the University. He began his career in college athletics, and he made the transition to University Communications in 2015. Read More...

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith, Assistant Director of Digital Media

Lauren Smith currently serves as the Assistant Director of Digital Media for University Marketing and Communications. Her responsibilities in this dynamic position include overseeing the digital assets acquisition, working with the campus photographer to collaborate with clients in order to get “the perfect shot” and the development of potential new media outlets. She also works with videographers to produce videos and television spots for the various projects and campaigns across campus. Read More...

Paulina Szydlo staff photo

Paulina Szydlo, Design Assistant

Paulina Szydlo serves as the Design Assistant for University Marketing and Communications, where she assists the design team in creating marketing and promotional materials for the campus community. Read More...

PDF Bio for Julia Thorpe, Communications Assistant

Julia Thorpe, Communications Assistant

Julia Thorpe serves as Communications Assistant at the University of West Florida, where she assists with various responsibilities including social media, media relations, public relations and other communications that align with the University’s mission and values. Read More...

Staff photo for Alyssa Townsend, Communications Specialist for University Marketing & Communications

Alyssa Townsend, Communications Specialist

Alyssa Townsend serves as the Communications Specialist for the University of West Florida, where she is responsible for coordinating University public relations and communications including copywriting and editing, managing social media strategy, coordinating media relations activities and writing press releases. Read More...‌

Portrait of Olivia Wise, Communications Assistant

Olivia Wise, Communications Assistant

Olivia Wise serves as Communications Assistant at the University of West Florida, where she helps manage main University social media accounts, conducts interviews and writes press releases, maintains the UWF events calendar, develops media lists and tracks UWF daily publicity. Read More...