UWF Community Garden

Image of produce grown in the UWF Student Community Garden.

UWF Community Garden

This website provides information about the UWF Community Garden, including a photo gallery and information on how to get involved.

The UWF Community Garden is an active service project of the Kugelman Honors Program. It is open to the public and we welcome anyone who shares our passion for digging in the dirt and growing things.

The garden helps to develop, cultivate, assess, and sustain a network of mutually beneficial community partnerships by cultivating a large and growing network of community partners who are committed to food sustainability, nutrition, and student development.

The purpose of the UWF Community Garden is to:

  • Build community at UWF and in the surrounding region
  • Help students develop leadership and community-building skills
  • Teach UWF students, faculty, staff and others how to grow food locally and organically
  • Encourage healthy eating by increasing access to fruits and vegetables
  • Promote food sustainability and security by creating an alternative to the industrial system of food production
  • Increase respect and concern for the natural world