Scholarship Information

In conjunction with the UWF Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Kugelman Honors Program offers scholarship awards to help UWF's highest achieving students thrive.

The University of West Florida and the Kugelman Honors Program offer numerous scholarships for high-achieving students.  Nearly all students who are invited to join the Kugelman Honors Program are awarded a UWF Admissions Scholarship (Academic Excellence, Nautilus, or Argonaut), currently valued at $16,000 to $20,000 over four years.  For more information on these awards, visit UWF's Undergraduate Admissions Freshman Scholarships page.

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, the Kugelman Honors Program provides two scholarships to all students in the Honors Program admitted in the Fall of 2018 or later, pending availability of funds. These scholarships are the John C. Pace, Jr. Honors Scholarship to support high-impact learning experiences and the Honors Tuition Scholarship to defray tuition costs while students are conducting research for their Honors thesis. 

The Kugelman Honors Program also offers several additional scholarships on a limited or competitive basis.  The following chart provides an overview of the many awards we offer.

 Name of Award  Award Amount Award Type  Purpose  Eligibility 
Honors First-Year Academic Scholarship Minimum $1000 Tuition Waiver Tuition support for top students in Honors Core 1. Awarded automatically to the top 15 students in Core I based on GPA and unmet tuition need.
Pace & Argo Honors Scholarships Minimum $2,000, up to $3,000 Cash Support high-impact learning experiences such as study abroad, summer research, conference travel, and internships. Honors students in good standing who have completed 9 hours of Honors coursework.  Application information mailed to eligible students.
Honors Tuition Scholarship Minimum $2,000, up to $3,000 Tuition Waiver Defray cost of tuition while conducting research for Honors thesis. Honors students in good standing with unmet tuition need who have submitted a thesis prospectus approved by an advisor and the Honors Director.  Awarded automatically upon approval of thesis prospectus.
Kugelman & Seligman Leadership Scholarships Minimum $500 up to $1000 Cash or Tuition Waiver Provide financial assistance for student leaders. Eligible students will be invited to apply.
Honors Diversity Award Up to $3,000 Cash Support leadership training, research, and travel for students interested in diversity-related topics. Honors students in good standing may apply for this award at any time.
Honors Need-Based Scholarships Varies Cash or Tuition Waiver Provide financial support for students with extenuating circumstances who have unmet need according to FAFSA. Limited availability.  Offered at the discretion of the Honors Director based on a comprehensive review of student need.

If you have questions about our scholarships, feel free to email us at or call us at 850-474-2934.