Benefits of Honors

The Kugelman Honors Program offers many benefits to students who embark on the Honors adventure. Below are a few that shape our student experience.

Challenging Academic Experiences

Honors students have access to special classes designed especially for high-achieving students who enjoy intellectual challenges.   Your academic journey in Honors will begin with the first-year Honors course sequence, Core I and Core II.  This sequence, open only to Honors students, explores timeless questions about the nature of being human, about community, and about the history of ideas.  You’ll also take exclusive Honors seminars, strictly limited to 15 students each, in your sophomore and junior years.  Honors seminars are specially designed to foster cross-disciplinary thinking and to develop multimodal s problem-solving skills.  In your senior year, you’ll complete a rigorous Honors Thesis under the supervision of a faculty advisor.  Your thesis will be your bridge to your chosen profession or graduate school.

Research Support

Honors students thrive on research and creative activity.   All Honors students have the opportunity to pursue independent research or creative projects and to present their work at regional and national conferences.  The Honors Program covers airfare, lodging, and registration costs for students traveling to academic conferences.  We also work together with UWF’s Office of Undergraduate Research to create even more opportunities for our students.

Summer Study Abroad

The Honors Program offers exclusive study abroad opportunities every summer.  We routinely offer programs in Europe, South America, and Asia, allowing our students to develop a truly global perspective.   Honors students receive free tuition for study abroad courses as well as scholarships to help cover transportation costs and international program fees.

Priority Registration & Dedicated Honors Advisors

Honors students are among the first to register for classes each semester thanks to the privilege of Priority Registration. Being among a small number of undergraduates able to register ahead of their peers means better access to classes and a higher likelihood of getting a seat. Honors students also have access to dedicated Honors advisors who help them navigate their Honors requirements throughout their time as undergraduates.


Students in the Honors Program receive generous scholarship packages that make it easier to afford all that Honors, and UWF, have to offer.

A Dynamic Living-Learning Community

Pace Hall serves as a living-learning community where Honors students live, meet, and socialize. All incoming first year Honors students who live on campus are assigned to Pace Hall, and are welcome to live in Pace Hall beyond their first year. Honors students residing off-campus are allowed access to the building to participate in the many events that occur there.