Current Honors students in good standing can apply for several different types of scholarship awards.

About Scholarships for Students in their Second Year and Beyond

The Kugelman Honors Program awards both need-based and merit-based scholarships to Honors students in their second year in the program and beyond. For scholarships based on financial need, please be aware that need is determined by UWF's Financial Aid office.

Most scholarships require that you are a full time student (12 credit hours minimum) in good standing in the program. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 to remain in good standing. 

We require returning students to complete the Kugelman Honors Program Scholarship application to be considered for these awards. Returning students apply for these awards each spring. 

The Application Deadline for Summer 2017-Spring 2018 scholarships has passed.

Honors Scholarship Award Categories

Please specify the type(s) of scholarships you are applying for and complete the essay required for each category of award. Students may apply for more than one type of award. Each essay response should be 500-750 words.

  • Leadership: How have you demonstrated leadership at UWF and in the Kugelman Honors Program? 
  • Service: How have you demonstrated leadership through service? Please describe the impact of your service to the UWF community and/or Pensacola community. 
  • Study Abroad: Where do you plan to travel? What do you expect to gain from your study abroad experience? (Students participating in an Honors Summer Seminar will be automatically considered; you do not need to apply)
  • Summer: Summer need-based awards do not require an essay.
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