Leadership Development

Leadership is a pillar of the Kugelman Honors Program. We have many opportunities for student leadership through our Honors Council, Honors Mentor Program, and Honors Resident Assistant positions.

Honors Council Annual Leadership Retreat

Honors Council

All current Honors students are encouraged to attend Honors Council, which holds meetings every Tuesday of the spring and fall semesters at 5:30 p.m. in the Alumni Room in Building 12.

Aside from special programming and guest speakers, at Council students can provide feedback on program requirements and Council events, and offer input for upcoming Honors events. 

Students can also become involved in any of Council's four committees:

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Service Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Equity and Diversity Committee

Learn more about Honors Council by reviewing the Honors Council Constitution  and Honors Council Bylaws .

Mentor group at Honors Orientation

Honors Mentors

Honors Mentors are paired with first year Honors students to provide support to first year students as they acclimate to the university and Honors program. Honors Mentors first meet at Honors Orientation, and then meet regularly during the new student's first year in the Kugelman Honors Program. 

Current Honors students who are interested in becoming Honors Mentors should keep an eye out for requests for Mentor applications in the Honors email updates during the spring semester.

Honors leaders outside of Pace Hall

Honors Resident Assistants

Honors Resident Assistants (RAs) live and work in Pace Hall, the Honors living-learning community. Honros RAs create programming for and provide support to Pace Hall residents, and also support and attend Honors Council events.

Current Honors students who are interested in becoming Honors RAs should keep an eye out for requests for RA applications in the Honors email updates during the spring semester.

Meet the 2017-2018 Honors Student Leaders

Click on a name of an Honors student leader to learn more about that person through his or her ZeeMee profile. Students will need to download the ZeeMee app to access full profiles on their smartphones.

Name Major Position 
Honors Council    
Courtney Swain Biomedical Sciences Honors Council President
Quinton Fallon Cybersecurity Honors Council Vice President
Elizabeth Barrett Legal Studies Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
Sabrina Corbin Mechanical Engineering Fundraising Committee Co-Chair
Shelby Corbitt Information Technology Service Committee Co-Chair
Vivian Lopez Professional Accountancy Service Committee Co-Chair
Melinda Morgan Biology Social Committee Co-Chair
Logan Mullins Communication Social Committee Co-Chair
Michelle Lapak Biochemistry Public Relations Committee Chair
Jay Ayer Communication Infinite Wisdom Editor
Joe Cox Psychology and Philosophy Infinite Wisdom Assistant Editor
Honors Mentors    
Hannah Mizell Arts Administration Honors Lead Mentor
May Zaw Biomedical Sciences Honors Assistant Lead Mentor
Wadey K. Abdel Qader Biomedical Sciences Honors Mentor
Elizabeth Barrett Legal Studies Honors Mentor
Shelby Corbitt Information Technology Honors Mentor
Joe Cox Psychology and Philosophy Honors Mentor
Leonie Dupuis Biomedical Sciences Honors Mentor
Alyssa Elliott Studio Art and Psychology Honors Mentor
Lexie Grammer Biomedical Sciences Honors Mentor
Jerrad Havemann Mechanical Engineering Honors Mentor
Sierra Hobbs Marine Biology Honors Mentor
Jade Jacobs Marine Biology Honors Mentor
Michelle Lapak Biochemistry Honors Mentor
Vivian Lopez Professional Accountancy Honors Mentor
Anthony Noll Health Care Administration Honors Mentor
Summer Peyer Biomedical Sciences Honors Mentor
Grace Tegenkamp Biomedical Sciences Honors Mentor
Honors RAs    
Philip Billings Finance Honors RA
Hannah Mizell Marine Biology Honors RA
Logan Mullins Arts Administration Honors RA
Felicia Riggs Communication Honors RA