Honors by Contract

The Honors by Contract process is a way for students to receive Honors credit for Non-Honors courses. By working with faculty to enhance a course and make it an Honors experience, Honors students are able to go more in depth into their upper-level major courses.

Honors by Contracts Requirements

  • To qualify for an Honors by Contract experience, a course must be at the 3000- or 4000-level 
  • You (the Honors student) confer with your instructor to agree upon enhancements to make the class an Honors by Contract experience
  • Complete an Honors by Contract Proposal by submitting the course syllabus and a scanned 250 word summary signed by your instructor to this online Honors by Contract Proposal form by the third Friday of the semester. Proposals for Fall 2017 are due on September 15, 2017.
  • To receive Honors credit, you must submit your completed work along with a signed and scanned copy of the Honors by Contract Student Evaluation Form the week before finals via this online Honors by Contract Final Submissions form. Completed Honors by Contract work and Student Evaluation Forms for the Fall 2017 semester are due on Friday, December 8, 2017.

Questions About the Process?

The Honors by Contract Process: A Brief Guide for Faculty presents the basics of the Honors by Contract process for faculty (and students). We advise students to review this document as well as the online proposal submission form ahead of meeting with the instructor of a potential Honors by Contract experience. 

Honors by Contract: Service Hours

Another option for Honors students to earn an Honors elective credit is by completing a Service Hour Honors by Contract. This option may only be exercised once.

The 60 hours completed for an Honors by Contract: Service Hours are not included in the total 100 service hours required to graduate as a Kugelman Honors Scholar.

To receive Honors credit, you must complete 60 hours of community service within a single semester. UWF's definition of community service can be found on the Service and Citizenship website


By the Monday PRIOR to Final Exam Week, the student must:

Submit community service hours to JasonQuest AND input the following information when submitting hours in Jasonquest:

  • This Community Service Experience was: Connected to an Academic Course (Service Learning/Field Study/Internship/Etc.)
  • Student Organization: Honors Program
  • Field Study / Service Learning / Internship Course: Honors
  • Professor's Name: Dr. Greg Tomso

By the last day of classes in the term, the student must fill out this online form, which includes a Service Reflection section (250 word minimum) and attach a screenshot of your hours submitted in Jasonquest.

Honors by Contract: Study Abroad

Students can also adapt Study Abroad experiences into Honors by Contract credit. If a student is considering this option, they should consult with the Honors staff to determine whether the study abroad program can be adapted. The following are the required elements for an Honors by Contract Study Abroad enhancement: 

  • Pre-departure Reflection
  • Coursework/Study Abroad Experience
  • Student Evaluation Form (instructor completes)
  • End-of-Experience Reflection

Pre-Departure Reflection

The Pre-Departure Reflection is due two weeks ahead of departure. The reflection must be a minimum of 600 words and address these questions:

  • Why did you choose this specific study abroad experience? What about it appealed to you—the subject matter, educational institution at/through which you will take courses, the location(s), etc.?
  • What elements of the course do you believe will be the most challenging? Have you started planning or taking steps to overcome those challenges?
  • What do you hope to gain/how do you expect to grow as an individual and student/scholar?

End-of-Experience Reflection

The End-of-Experience Reflection is due the Friday of the last week of classes (the Friday before Finals Week begins) of the semester the Study Abroad experience is completed. The instructor-completed Student Evaluation Form is due at the same time. The reflection must be a minimum of 1200 words and address the following questions:

  • What is the most important or interesting thing you learned in your study abroad classes?
  • What is the most important thing you learned about yourself? 
  • What were the challenges you faced? Did they differ from those you anticipated before you left?
  • At this point, how did this experience shape your future? What effects do you think it will have on you, your career path, etc.

If a student is considering a Study Abroad experience that is not taken for academic credit, there is a chance that experience can be utilized for Honors by Contract credit if the experience includes a significant academic component or professional development opportunity; if a student is considering such an experience, they should consult with the Honors staff in the semester prior to departure to verify whether the adaptation of the experience into Honors by Contract credit is possible.

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