Core I & II

The Honors Core sequence establishes the foundation of the academic experience unique to the Kugelman Honors Program. Honors students take Honors Core I during the fall semester of their first year and Honors Core II in the spring.

Honors Core I

Dr. Greg Tomso, Interim Director of the Kugelman Honors Program, will teach Core I in Fall 2017. Honors Core I will center on the concept of "Becoming Human," examining aspects of the human experience such as morality and love through an interdisciplinary lens.  

Honors Core I (IDH 1040) satisfies the following university requirements: General Education Breadth Requirement-Humanities and Gordon Rule Writing.

Honors Core II

In Honors Core II, students apply theoretical knowledge they obtain through readings to their local community in on-the-ground experiences. Core II involves field-based challenges that allow students to communicate with community members, then conceptualize and implement service projects that address community-identified needs throughout Pensacola. 

Dr. Jocelyn Evans, Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, teaches Core II. In addition to being a requirement of the Honors program, Core II also satisfies the General Education Breadth Requirement-Social Sciences and UWF's Multicultural Requirement.

Core II In the News:

Community Maritime Park Scores Highest in Park Survey (UWF Center for Research and Economic Opportunity, 5/19/2016)