Jessica Farrell

  • Kugelman Honors Scholar, Spring 2015

Jessica Farrell graduated as a Kugelman Honors Scholar in Spring 2015. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Pre-Law from UWF, Jessica accepted a multi-year scholarship of $51,000 to pursue a J.D. at the Florida State University College of Law, with a specialization in Environmental Law.  

Due to her interest in environmental issues, Jessica is participating in a joint-degree program to earn a Master’s in Aquatic Environmental Science along with a J.D. in four years.

“I would love to research the effects of pollution on coastal environments and the animals that live there, including large scale research like the ongoing effects of the BP oil spill, even years later, on the behaviors and mating patterns of marine animals,” Jessica explained. “My ultimate goal would be to work as an attorney for Earthjustice, a non-profit that has a department dedicated to the specialization of marine conservation across the continent...I really hope that my work focuses on marine conservation, although all areas within the field are important to me.”

In her first semester in law school, Jessica wrote the she had already put skills she developed in the Kugelman Honors Program to use: “The leadership I learned through the program has helped me gain a leadership position in the Environmental Law Society, and the challenging curriculum that I got to take part in as an Honors student really helped prepare me for the workload that faces a first year law student. On top of everything, the Honors thesis taught me how to navigate most research databases, and legal research has been a breeze!”

As with all of our alumni, we look forward to future updates from Jessica!