Kugelman Honors Program

Kugelman Honors Program

The Kugelman Honors Program challenges and supports the highest-achieving and most creative undergraduate students at the University of West Florida.

Program Description

Designed for students in all majors, the Kugelman Honors Program is structured so that students complete their Honors requirements over the course of their time as an undergraduate.

In addition to taking Honors-exclusive courses and seminars, Honors students also complete an undergraduate thesis and a minimum of 100 community service hours before graduating as Kugelman Honors Scholars.

The combination of experiences the program provides encourages the development of Arete, Techne, and Sophia--Excellence, Skills, and Wisdom--in Honors students, and prepares them to excel as professionals in their chosen field.

Kugelman Honors Program News

Infinite Wisdom Logo

Infinite Wisdom

Access Infinite Wisdom, the nationally award-winning newsletter of the Honors program, recently transitioned to a blog. Be sure to visit the blog throughout the academic year to keep up with the program via this student-run publication. 

Honors Council in Fall 2013


The Kugelman Honors Program awards numerous scholarships to current and incoming students, including the John C. Pace, Jr. Honors Scholarship. Find out about Honors scholarship criteria and deadlines

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