Applying to Study Abroad

Before you Apply to Study Abroad: All students planning to apply for study abroad must attend a Study Abroad Information Session held in the fall or spring semester. Te Study Abroad Calendar is posted under SA Overview to the left.

Study Abroad Forms Explained
Click this link for full details on Study Abroad Application, Approval and Pre-departure Process at UWF

Applying, Approval, and Pre-Departure for Your Study Abroad Program

1)    For all students applying for study abroad, complete the following forms by the posted deadline date:

a)    Create a profile at UWF AbroadOffice online

b)    Find a program and select Apply in the UWF online system and complete Application items online 

i)      The online general Approval Form

ii)     Essay -Statement of purpose - Why did you choose your program?

c)    For exchange and transfer credit programs only: students are prompted to complete the Participation Request Form Print and complete with student and Advisor signatures. Submit to the International Center

2)    After approval of participation in study abroad (noted by an email confirmation)

a)    Complete the Host Application as directed by UWF Study Abroad

i)      Host Program Application documents are completed and submitted to the host institution or program

b)    Complete Enrollment Forms in the online system at

i)      StudyAbroad Waiver – Signed and Notarized, must be uploaded and the original submitted to the International Center

ii)     Medical History Form – Submitted online

iii)    Passport Form – Submitted online

iv)   Financial Aid Advising – Mandatory for all students

v)    Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

vi)   International Center will upload the signed Participation Request Form (for exchange and transfer credit programs only) and send the original to the Registrar's Office

3)    After admission by the Host Institution or Program Provider and prior to departure from the United States, students will need to submit the following forms:(Read below the explanation on these forms.)

a)    Course pre–approval for term abroad – only one approval process based on the type of program – An online form will display if a form is required.

i)     International Exchange Advising AgreementOR

ii)    Study Abroad Enrollment Authorization Form OR

iii)    Transient Student Form submitted at OR

iv)   Registration for faculty–led or Directed–Study Course(s) through the academic department

b)   Study Abroad Health and Accident Insurance Verification Form

4)   Immediately after arrival and registration at the host institution, students need to ensure that the host school sends directly to the UWF Office of the Registrar the Enrollment Certification for Study Abroad

a)   UWF will release Financial Aid only after the Enrollment Certification Form has been received and enrollment status confirmed.

5)    Additional Forms: These forms will need to be completed only if applicable. Read below the explanation on these forms.

a)    (This form is optional)

b)    Request for Extension of Study Abroad Program

c)    Notification of Withdrawal from Study Abroad Program

d)    Update to online application status