Who Can Study Abroad?

UWF has established eligibility requirements and guidelines for study abroad programs. Interested students must be degree-seeking at UWF or another college or university. Click the blue arrow below to view details on study abroad eligibility.

UWF Degree-Seeking Students

Students planning to study abroad must meet the eligibility requirements. 

Must be degree-seeking. Non-Degree students at UWF are not eligible for study abroad programs.

Must have completed one year of full-time study after high school (24 credits).

  • Dual Enrollment, AP, and IB credits earned before high school graduation do not count toward this total. 

Attend a Study Abroad General Information Session during Fall or Spring Semester

  • Learn the details about application and additional requirements

2.5 minimum GPA required

  • Some programs have higher GPA requirements. These are posted in the program information. 

Cannot be on academic or social probation

  • Verification of pending or current probation status due to Conduct violations is completed by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at the time of application.

Have academic advisor approval

  • UWF Study Abroad requires advisor approval by signature or recommendation depending on the program abroad

Meet the deadline for their chosen program – depends on the term of the program abroad

  • Deadlines may be 3-6 months before the program start date.

Have at least one semester left in their current degree program

  • Study abroad in the final semester of degree is possible.
  • Students cannot graduate with a degree and study abroad as an alumni. Study Abroad is for degree-seeking students only. 

College of Business students have additional course and credit requirements

Non-UWF Students

The University of West Florida welcomes students from other institutions to apply to our study abroad programs. While many of our programs have limitations on the number of students we can accept, some programs are able to accommodate non-UWF students.

UWF Student Abroad accepts applications from degree-seeking students at other colleges and universities. Non-UWF students wishing to study abroad through UWF will need to participate in a UWF Sponsored or UWF Exchange program for UWF credit. (Please note, most UWF Exchange programs are limited to UWF degree-seeking students and non-UWF students will not be able to participate).

Non-UWF students will not be eligible to apply through UWF for transfer credit study abroad programs. Transfer credit programs include all affiliated and non-affiliated programs in the UWF Study Abroad Program Database.

In order to be eligible, students need to be in a degree-seeking program at their home institution at the time the program starts and meet all other eligibility requirements for the program (some exceptions may be made with prior approval from the Program Director and the Program Manager of Study Abroad).

Non-UWF students applying for UWF study Abroad Programs must meet the UWF Study Abroad General and Program Specific Eligibility Requirements in order to be accepted for a study abroad program. Individual programs may have requirements higher than the minimum eligibility for Study Abroad at UWF. General requirements include 2.5 GPA, completion of one year of full-time study after high school, not an academic or social probation, and approval of academic advisor. 

Students from other schools are classified as Transient students for their studies at UWF. This means they are degree-seeking students elsewhere, but will attend The University of West Florida for one term. 

Students from public colleges or universities in the State of Florida should apply as a transient student through the Florida Virtual Campus.

Catalyst and Village applicants submit application through UWF in Europe.

Students from other colleges and universities should submit the Non-Degree student application

Students should meet with academic advisors and/or their Dean’s office at their home institution to discuss which program, and courses, will best suit their academic and personal needs. Often, course descriptions are needed to make this assessment. UWF Sponsored programs will include course descriptions in the program information. UWF Exchange program courses will be available for review the semester before the proposed program. Although determination of transferability of credit is seldom denied, students are encouraged to get this approval in writing from their home institution, prior to their term abroad.

What & Where Can You Study Abroad?

UWF offers options for study in more than 35 countries.

UWF provides program information through our database at uwf.abroadoffice.net. Be sure to check out the Application Process for Study Abroad.

Students can search for UWF and transfer credit programs including exchange, faculty-led, and internships. Students interested in completing independent study or research abroad should contact UWF Study Abroad at studyabroad@uwf.edu for more information on this alternative option for study abroad.

Listings in the database can be found using the World Map search by selecting a country of interest. 

Students can also use the advanced search option on the left side to search for programs by semester, major, or other criteria. Be sure to select Internal as the Program Type if looking for UWF credit programs only. 

Programs in countries with a current US State Department Travel Warning will not be approved. 

UWF Study Abroad Program Database

Search for programs by country, major, semester, etc.


Can't Find a Program?

Students can also find programs through external database searches. There will be an additional approval process for programs not currently listed in the UWF Database


Courses, Grades, and Credits Abroad

Wondering how to:

Select courses? Register?

How will grades apply at UWF?

The Courses, Grades, and Credits Page explains the details