The UWF campus trolley provides transportation to students for both on and off campus trips.

Transportation in Pensacola

The City of Pensacola encompasses over 1,000 square kilometers, which include some of the world's most beautiful beaches, historic Pensacola as well as many other points of interest.  The UWF main campus is only minutes by car to many locations; however, access to public transportation may be limited when compared to metropolitan areas in other countries. This page includes information on how to get around in Pensacola.

UWF operates a free trolley service for students, with over 20 trolley stops on campus and hourly stops off campus to a nearby shopping center.  

Public Transportation

Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) Bus Passes are available to students - 2 passes per weekday for free by showing a valid Nautilus Card. Bus passes are available in Auxiliary Services, building 20W, and Parking Services, building 91. Passes are available from the first day of class until the last day of finals each semester. They are not available on holidays, weekends, or during breaks.

UWF has 3 stops shown as stop number 5: in front of each location, Village West; School of Science & Engineering (bldg. 4); and WUWF (Bldg. 88, radio station), in that order. Free passes are a service of UWF Parking & Transportation Services.

Taxi service is available in throughout the city. Taxi service is expensive, and it is typically more affordable if used with a group.

Florida Driver's License

In the State of Florida, international driver's licenses are valid for only 30 days. State of Florida driver's licenses are required to drive legally. Appointments are required and are made here (select "temporary visitor" and "class e license"). Even if a student does not plan to get a driver’s license, it is strongly encouraged to get a Florida identification card so that it is not necessary to carry a passport as proof of identification.

In order to apply for a Florida ID or driver’s license, it is necessary to bring the following documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles office.

1. The fee for a Florida identification card is $25 and a Florida driver's license is $48.

2. Two (2) proofs of residential address (our office can provide one proof in the form of a letter). Other proof can be a housing contract, bill or statement with a Florida address.

3. Form I-20 or DS-2019.

4. I-94.

5. Valid passport with F-1 or J-1 visa.

The nearest Department of Motor Vehicles location which services Florida identification cards and driver's licenses is 6451 North W Street, Pensacola, FL 32505. If you are planning to get a Florida Driver's License, you should first study the driver's handbook as you will be required to take a written and driving exam before your license can be issued.


Many students find it necessary to purchase a car as Pensacola's public transportation is limited. Consider the following when looking for a vehicle.

1. It is best to look for cars with an American friend or an international student who is familiar with the process of buying a car.

2. In the Unites States, the proof of car ownership is a document called a "title." When purchasing a car, it is imperative that it is clear who is holding the title. Beware of car sales where you do not physically hold the title. This is especially true if a car is purchased from a private individual.

3. Once a car is purchased, a registration fee is required. This fee is paid at a tax collector's office. Once the fee is paid, a "tag" which is placed on the car's license plate is received. It is required by law that the "tag" be unexpired, and typically it is renewed each year.

4. Car insurance is required. It is illegal to drive a car in the State of Florida without proper insurance.