Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for International Students at UWF

International students are not typically eligible for financial aid.

The State of Florida has several tuition linkages available which provide a significant reduction in the cost of tuition. Graduate Assistantships are available to qualifying graduate students. For information on Graduate Assistantships, contact the relevant department. On-campus employment is an option for most international students. See Employment for more information. However, most international students expect to pay for the cost of their education themselves. The Budget Worksheet for International Students is an excellent tool which helps international students estimate and plan for their expenses. 

Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship (LAC) at the Office of International Education and Programs

The Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship(LAC) is offered to students who have applied to or been admitted to UWF. The scholarship is awarded for the fall and spring. Summer semesters are applied for individually.

The following is required to be eligible for the Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship:

1. Student's citizenship is in a Latin American or Caribbean country.

2. Student has a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Students who have been awarded the scholarship are renewed for the duration of their program of study as long as they maintain a GPA of 2.75 and maintain all other eligibility requirements.

Latin American Caribbean Scholarship Guidelines

Latin American Caribbean Scholarship Application Online


Florida Tuition Linkages

The State of Florida has tuition linkages with several countries and regions. Tuition linkages give international students access to in-state tuition rates and represent a significant reduction in the cost of attendance. Applications for tuition linkages usually need to be completed several semesters in advance. 

List of Florida Tuition Linkages: 

Florida Brazil Linkage 

Florida Canada Linkage

Florida Caribbean Linkage

Florida China Linkage

Florida Costa Rica Linkage

Florida Eastern Europe Linkage

Florida France Linkage

Florida Israel Linkage

Florida Japan Linkage