Here are some things that students and UWF student volunteers in the Intensive English Program have said about the program.

IEP Students 

"The IEP has helped me to improve my English. Thank you to the teachers for helping me love English more."
Suttiwan, Thailand

"Before I came here, I couldn't speak or write English. Now I can. The teachers are very helpful. I like the University of West Florida."
Nourham, Egypt

"When I came to the U.S. my English was not good. The IEP has really helped me with my reading, writing and grammar. The activities with the Cultural Ambassadors have been fun, and they have helped me with speaking."
Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

"Pensacola is a beautiful city. I have had the opportunity to improve my English at the IEP at the University of West Florida. I also enjoy the activities, such as volleyball, soccer and bowling, with the Cultural Ambassadors. They have given me the opportunity to meet a lot of Americans as well as people from many different countries."
Alberto, Italy

"The IEP has helped me improve my English. The teachers are kind and helpful."
Abdulelah, Saudi Arabia

UWF Student Volunteers

"The IEP was a great experience for me and I feel very fortunate to meet so many people from so many different walks of life. I learned so much from them. We shared many laughs and made some wonderful friends. The IEP staff and students couldn't have been hand picked to form a better group of people. It is an experience I will never forget."
Jacob Stewart, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Being a part of the IEP has forever changed my life and has further enhanced my skills in cultural awareness."
Ernest Ingram, Miami, Florida

"I have been working with the IEP for about one year now. The first meeting I had no idea what to expect, but after I began I knew I was addicted. I love languages and other cultures and it's also a plus to be able to share my own culture with the new [IEP] students. Some of the international students became really good friends of mine. It's rewarding for me to watch week by week, month by month as the English of these awesome people/students improves. I love the IEP program!"
Micah Hutley, Dufuniak, Florida

"The Cultural Ambassador Program has been very rewarding and I have learned so much! My speaking partner Mohammed has been fun to be with and listen to. I have learned a lot more about his faith than I already knew. Playing games and roller skating with everyone else has been a blast, as well!"
Catherin Currier, Winter Park, Florida

"Pensacola is one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in the U.S. Learning to communicate with those who are learning English and to welcome these international students to our University has been an experience that has honed my social skills and opened my eyes to what I have been given."
Amelia "Gracie" Scott, Milton, Florida

"Being a volunteer of IEP has been amazing! IEP has been a fun learning experience for its members and volunteers; it has also been a way to meet new people. What started out as a way for me to gain more community service hours has ended as an unexpected way to gain new life experiences, and make valuable friendships."
Stacy Stice, Pensacola, Florida

"This is the second conversation partner I have had. It has been great to be involved with helping them transition into American culture, and showing an international student what Pensacola has to offer. I have kept in touch with my partners, and followed where their journey in life takes them. Hopefully one day, I will get to visit them in their home country."
Amanda Jo Combs Bowden, Gulf Breeze, Florida