Cultural Activities

We offer a variety of activities to give students the opportunity to speak with UWF students in comfortable, informal settings. We also arrange activities that allow you to experience campus life and visit places of interest in and around Pensacola.

Beach-group with student buried in the sand

UWF Events

IEP students are encouraged to participate in UWF events on campus and in the Pensacola area. UWF offers a great variety of student activities and clubs. Previous IEP students have attended events such as the annual Beach Bash, Rock Out the Red Zone, and UWF Homecoming. They have also joined intramural sports teams, such as soccer and basketball. 

Conversation partners 3

Conversation Partner Program

IEP students meet with university students and volunteers who have an interest in other cultures. Students practice speaking English with their partners on campus for one hour per week. IEP students are placed in small groups or paired with volunteers and given one or two of a variety of topics to help initiate conversation. Conversation can flow naturally from there. However, if students have topics they would like to discuss, this is encouraged also. Whether it is small talk or a serious discussion, speaking English is the goal.



Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural Ambassadors are English-speaking UWF students who get together with IEP students approximately twice per week for fun activities, such as sports, movies, bowling or going to the beach. These activities are a wonderful way to practice English with friends and learn about places of interest in the area.