Academic Program

The Intensive English Program offers a rigorous program of classes in order to help students reach the level of English that they need for success at an American university.


Full-time students take twenty hours per week in reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking. When there is enough demand, we offer a test preparation class for the either the IELTS or TOEFL.

The Intensive English Program offers five levels of instruction, high beginning through advanced. Students are given a placement test on the first day of class, and levels are decided by a committee. Students who are stronger in one skill than another may be placed in different levels for each skill. Advancement to the next level of instruction is based on the class performance, student’s post test score, and instructor recommendation. All students take an exit test.


The IEP offers free tutoring to students who need additional help in any of their classes.

Conditional Admission To UWF

The University of West Florida grants conditional acceptance to undergraduate students who meet all the academic requirements for degree programs but do not have the English skills necessary to study in the University. To apply for conditional acceptance, students must submit an application to UWF. When the student receives admission to UWF, they will need to apply to the IEP. Students with conditional admission can transfer to UWF when they have completed the English requirement. Students have one year to complete the English requirement.

NOTE: Students must apply for conditional admission BEFORE beginning at the IEP. Students who are studying in the IEP can not apply for conditional addmission.

Deadlines For Applying For Conditional Admission

Fall 2015- June 1, 2015

Spring 2016- October 1, 2015

Summer 2016- March 1, 2016


English Requirement For Admission to UWF

 Test Type Basic Score Listening Score
 Paper-based TOEFL  550  53
 Computer-based TOEFL  213  20
 Internet-based TOEFL  78/80  19
 IELTS  6.5  6.5








Students can also gain admission to UWF by completing the highest level of the IEP with a grade of 90% in all their classes, and passing the IEP’s exit test with a score of 78.


The official TOEFL is given on campus at the UWF Testing Centers.