The mission of the CI at UWF is to serve as a platform to promote understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture, facilitate engagement with China, and create opportunities for exchange and collaboration between communities in Florida and China.


The CI will provide the opportunity for communities to learn a critical and on-demand language that they otherwise would not have had access to without the implementation of the CI at UWF. The CI at UWF will organize a variety of activities and create programs for local residents to take participate in. This will allow for greater cohesion within the community, as residents of all cultures and ethnicities can be a part of this cultural program


1.Offer Chinese language course both credit and non-credit to students, and local citizens
2. Organize workshops, seminars, and conferences related to China, Chinese language, culture, history, education, and economy to various groups.
3. Sponsor academic activities and Chinese language competitions
4. Sponsor Chinese cultural events
5. Advise individuals wishing to study, do business, or travel to China
6. Make available reference materials for educators and other professionals
7. Partner with public and private entities to serve communities, businesses, and schools
8. Assist local schools to recruit high quality Chinese language teachers
9. Prepare examinees and administer the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) to certify
qualification to teach Chinese as a foreign language


The goals of the CI at UWF are to:
1. Develop and offer Chinese courses to students and local citizens
2. Enhance our understanding of Chinese language and culture
3. Strengthen educational and cultural exchange and cooperation
4. Promote the development of multiculturalism in the local community