Internships Abroad

Opportunities for internships outside of the U.S.!

UWF Student Eduardo Mendoza interned in Spain Fall 2016

Why Intern Abroad?

Internships provide a great chance earn college credit while exploring your future profession. These global experiences also differentiate you in the job market. Internships abroad are typically 8 weeks in length and up to 16 weeks based on availability within your major. UWF works closely with two study abroad providers for internships abroad to include CISabroad (CIS) and International Study Abroad (ISA). Both offer assistance to you before, during and after your internship. 

Internships are Available in Multiple Countries

CIS offers internships in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Length of internships and cost varies by location and length of internship abroad. Learn more at ISA offers internships in Asia, Europe and Oceania. ISA also offers service learning placements in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Learn more about these opportunities at

Planning to Intern Abroad?

Discuss your internship interests with your academic advisor who will evaluate this opportunity for approval. UWF course credit is required when the internship is part of your degree program.

Research Abroad

Research internships are also available outside the U.S., and with your academic advisor's approval, can earn UWF course credit. You may find your own research programs or work with International Programs to identify opportunities. If you are interested in completing independent study or research abroad, contact International Programs at  for more information on these study abroad opportunities.