IEP Application Process

Each semester, students from every continent study at UWF. We believe that sharing of cultures and ideas begins with exposing students to people from various, diverse backgrounds and experiences.

How to apply to the Intensive English Program

  1. Create an Application Account.
    This screenshot shows the correct link for creating an IEP Application Account.
  2. Complete the online application.
    This screenshot shows the correct method to log into an IEP application account.
  3. Pay the online application fee. 


 How to get an I-20

  1. Complete the Proof of Identity and Financial Support form
  2. Provide bank documents, letters, or statements showing financial support for your period of study. These documents must be in English.
  3. Submit a copy of your current passport.

How to contact the Intensive English Program

All documents can be sent to or mailed to: 

Intensive English Program Admissions
University of West Florida 
11000 University Pkwy 
Building 71 
Pensacola, Florida 32514
Telephone: (850)474-2479