Confucius Institute Scholarship Opportunities

Student Summer Cultural Trip to China

During the month of May, a select number of students will be awarded a scholarship through the Confucius Institute, and travel to China. The duration of their stay in China is two exciting weeks. The program consists of visiting three cities in China. In addition, students will partake in the Chinese language program.  In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students must have taken and passed at least one semester of Chinese language class at UWF.  The scholarship covers all inland China travel expenses, cultural trip expenses, Chinese program expenses, and all meals and lodgings in China.

Chinese Government Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship is offered to students in American educational institutions by the Chinese Ministry of Education via the Consulate General of PRC in Houston. The scholarship is intended to strengthen the educational exchanges and cooperation between China and United States. It provides a full scholarship to study in China for one year. The scholarship recipient may choose a university in China.

This scholarship provides registration fee, tuition, laboratory fee, internship and learning materials. It also provides accommodation, monthly living allowance, and a one-off settlement subsidy. Furthermore, it covers outpatient medical service and insurance. This scholarship is highly competitive. Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence in, and significant commitment to, the study of Chinese.

Eligibility requirements:
Preference will be given to students who have declared majors or minors in Chinese Studies and who are juniors or seniors.
Overall minimum GPA of 2.75.
Overall minimum Chinese GPA of 3.25
Applicants should currently be full time students at the University of West Florida.
Application essay of good quality.

Application process:

Submit 3 copies of the Chinese Government Scholarship application form.
Submit 3 copies of the candidate's personal statement in English, stating the reasons for the application. (About 400 words). This is very important documentation in the application package.
Submit 1 copy of a recent transcript.

Selection process:
The Chinese Scholarship Committee will select candidates based on academic merit, dedication to the study of the Chinese language and culture, originality of thought and purpose, and contribution to the development of the Chinese language and culture. 

For more information regarding scholarship opportunities, please contact: 

Dr. Kuiyuan Li
University of West Florida
Confucius Institute Director
Bldg. 4, Room 340 

Phone: (850) 474-2287

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