Chinese Language Classes

The University of West Florida Confucius Institute offers several Chinese language learning opportunities.


Chinese Level I 

This class is designed for non-native Chinese language-learners. It introduces students to the official Chinese language - Mandarin (Or Putonghua). The course aims to help students obtain an adequate mastery of basic language skills in both spoken and written Chinese and lay a good foundation for further study of the language. Throughout the semester, this class will also introduce Chinese culture and tradition to students. Students will learn the Chinese Phonology, vocabulary and grammar, and sentence patterns; They will also learn how to read and write using Chinese characters. Specifically, through such activities such as vocabulary-in-context, sentence pattern practice, listening and reading comprehension, dialogue and role-play, students will learn to use Chinese in speech and writing in common, real-life scenarios.


Chinese Level II

This class introduces students who have had one semester (or less than one year) of Chinese to continue learning Mandarin. The class puts emphasis on basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In this course, students will learn more vocabulary and grammar while consolidating what they have learned of Chinese in the first semester. Students will learn a new vocabulary of more than 300 Chinese characters. At the end of the second semester of Chinese, students should be able to converse covering more daily topics with relative ease and continue to to develop and integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese and will learn more about Chinese culture and traditions. 

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