The University of West Florida has a banking contractual agreement to issue Purchasing Cards (PCard) for eligible individuals who meet the required criteria allowing them to make certain tax-exempt business-related purchases on behalf of UWF.

The Department PCard team consists of the Supervisor, the Cardholder, the Account Manager (Primary) and the Business Manager (Back-Up). Each Cardholder must have an assigned Account Manager and Business Manager. The Cardholder must work with a departmental-designated Account Manager and a Business Manager in order for the incoming electronic PCard charges to be approved. Cooperation and communication between the Cardholder and the Account Manager and Business Manger is essential to ensure charges are approved correctly and timely.

  • Possession and use of a University PCard is a privilege and should be treated and protected with the utmost care.
  • Cardholders are accountable for the appropriate use and security of their cards and will be held personally responsible for non-conforming charges or the misuse of the PCard.
  • The PCard is for the Cardholder’s use only. Do not allow others to use your card or your number. Keep the PCard in a safe place and guard your account number. Keep the PCard separate from personal credit cards so as not to accidentally charge personal items on the UWF PCard.
  • The PCard is a credit card that provides a cost effective, convenient, and decentralized method for staff and faculty to ONLY purchase goods, services and travel expenses directly used by the University.
  • PCard purchases must comply with University policies and existing government regulations.
  • The PCard replaces the use of a purchase order or the reimbursement process.
  • UWF is liable to the Bank for all PCard charges and remits monthly payment directly to the Bank.
  • Within seven (7) calendar days after the purchase, the Cardholder should provide to the Account Manager or Business Manager sufficient documentary evidence as required. A Cardholder’s checklist is provided on Procurement’s PCard website.
  • Cardholder’s failure to use the card in compliance with this policy or failure to provide sufficient documentary evidence within 7 calendar days may, depending upon the circumstances and the severity of the misuse, be required to reimburse the University for any non-conforming charges, result in the suspension or revocation of the PCard and disciplinary action up to and including termination and, where applicable, the filing of criminal charges.