Institutional Communications Scope of Work


Institutional Communications is the central marketing and communication team for the University of West Florida. The team’s focus is on building awareness, increasing visibility and enhancing support and affinity for the institution.

The Institutional Communications Scope of Work is a direct extension of the University’s annual strategic plan and goals. As part of that plan, the University administration outlines key priorities for each year. These priorities are established through a collaborative process that includes the UWF executive leadership team, input from key unit leaders across the University and a review of any external policy or community needs.

Each year, the strategic planning process is repeated to ensure that UWF remains responsive to the specific needs of each target audience and that the institution is prioritizing initiatives, resources and effort for maximum impact to the University. Institutional Communications then develops annual communications goals and benchmarks based on the priorities developed through the strategic planning process.

This strategy and communications planning process aligns the marketing and communication efforts of Institutional Communications with the broader strategic initiatives of the University as a whole, and focuses Institutional Communications time, staff and resources solely on those priorities dictated by the strategic plan.

Strategic Priorities

The University has outlined the below strategic priorities as a result of the planning process outlined above. These priorities and their communications efforts are the sole focus of Institutional Communications work and resources.

Projects outside of Institutional Communications’ priorities are managed by staff from various areas on campus with marketing and communications responsibilities.

Projects outside the scope of these strategic priorities are only managed by Institutional Communications staff at the direction of the appropriate University Vice Presidents, Provost or President.

  • Institutional marketing and communication initiatives and campaigns
  • Institutional brand management, consultation and enforcement
  • Institutional reputation management and crisis communication
  • Institutional digital strategy and management
  • Institutional marketing and communication resource development
  • Institutional social media strategy and management
  • Institutional marketing and communication standard setting and policy development
  • Oversight and/or development of all external advertising within all areas of the institution, as well as all materials used to communicate with alumni or donors.
  • Media relations: media coverage, media outreach, and publicity opportunities throughout the institution
  • Development and management of University-wide publications
  • University-wide enrollment, recruitment and retention initiatives
  • University advancement, especially initiatives directly related to fundraising
  • Program/unit-specific projects, as directed by the Vice President for University Advancement and the appropriate division Vice President, Provost or President

Working With Institutional Communications

With numerous colleges, departments and units on campus, the communications needs and desires of the UWF community are significant. To meet this large and growing need, the University has developed guidelines and resources for communications and marketing activities, which are available on the UWF Brand Portal.

Institutional Communications manages and directs communications related to the strategic initiatives outlined in this Scope of Work and other marketing and communications activities as requested by the Vice Presidents, Provost or President. This preserves Institutional Communications time and resources for university-wide initiatives consistent with strategic areas of focus for the year. Marketing or communications activities outside this scope are delegated to designated staff within respective units and governed by Institutional Communications for brand compliance.

University Communicators

In addition to managing the communications effort from the university-wide level, Institutional Communications also convenes the UWF Communicators of faculty and staff who serve as strategists, implementers and quality-control monitors for UWF communications.

This provides yet another layer of integration for the institution by engaging front-line advocates to assist in maintaining a clear visual and narrative strategy to support the UWF mission.

Brand Compliance Review

The Office of Institutional Communications has official oversight of the below marketing and communication initiatives, projects and materials. All projects that fit these criteria must be submitted through this form at least five business days prior to printing or distribution for review, feedback and approval by Institutional Communications.

  • All communication materials used to communicate with alumni or donors (collateral material, publications, emails, letters, etc.). Institutional Communications will work with the Vice President for University Advancement, or designee, for approval.
  • All communication efforts reaching an external audience of 2,000 or more. (Events or initiatives and corresponding collateral aimed at mass audiences as well as mass distribution of promotional items, direct mail, etc.).

Additionally, all media placement for the institution, its divisions, colleges, departments and units must be authorized in advance by Institutional Communications.

All projects that fit these criteria must be submitted through the Brand Compliance Review Form for review and approval by Institutional Communications prior to printing, distribution or placement.