How To: Link to a PDF

October 8, 2014

There are several ways to link to PDFs in the CMS. The most common is through the TinyMCE text editor that you will find in most of the content types (it looks like a word editor), however, there are specialized content types that are designed specifically to link to documents. If you feel one of those would best suite your needs, please contact Web Services and inquire about how they can be setup on your site.

Since the most common method is through the TinyMCE text editor, that method is what will be discussed in this document.

Linking to a Document in the Media Library Through the TinyMCE Text Editor

To link to a PDF you do not highlight any text to link as you would a section link. When you are ready to put a document in your text:

  1. Click where you would like the link to start
  2. Click the "Insert Media" button Insert Media Icon in the Terminalfour CMS Tiny MCE editor and locate your document in the Media Library
  3. Click "Select" 
  4. The name of your file should appear there as a link

If you need to adjust the phrasing of this there are a couple of successful ways people have found, the best two are:

  1. Click somewhere in the link to place your cursor within the text & right click on the link
  2. Choose "Edit Media Attributes"
  3. In the window prompt, type the desired link text in this field
  4. Click "Update"

The other method (which tends to work more on Macs) is to double click the link and sometimes that same window prompt comes up just from doing that, then follow the same steps as above.

Adding a Document

If you need to add the document to the Media Library during this process, the steps are very similar. You will still use the "Insert Media" Insert Media Icon in the Terminalfour CMS Tiny MCE editor button within the HTML editor, but instead of selecting a piece of content, you will click "Add Media."

On the next screen: 

  • Fill out the Name, Description, and Keywords
  • Click Media > "Choose File"
  • Navigate to the file on your PC and click "Open"
  • Type should automatically fill itself in with the appropriate file type (PDF, Microsoft Doc, etc)
    • If Type prompts you with any options, do not choose "Media Path," there should only be one other option from that and it's usually very straight forward.
  • Click "Add" and the window should close and you should be taken back to the Media Library
    • Rarely, the screen will hang here if you're adding from the HTML editor directly. If you feel like the screen is taking a long time to close, check the bottom left corner of the screen to see if it's indicating that it is still uploading. If nothing is there, chances are the file has completed its upload and the window is still open in error. Closing the window using the x at the top should be safe.
  • You should see your document somewhere in your Media Library now; locate the document and then click "Select"
  • Follow the steps from above if you need to change the file name

Linking to an External Document

If need to link to a document that is hosted outside of the CMS, please use the following instructions.

  • Type out the text you would like for your link
  • Highlight this text
  • Click the "Link" Link Icon from the Terminalfour Tiny MCE text editor button
  • Paste in your URL in the field labeled Link URL
  • Choose Open in new window (_blank) for the Target
  • Title the link appropriately
  • Click "Insert"