UWF Event Calendar

Institutional Communications manages the UWF Event Calendar, which provides a one-stop resource of event information for students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the local community.

Events can be submitted to the calendar through the UWF Event Calendar Submission Form. For the most effective promotion, we recommend submitting events six to eight weeks in advance. 

Prior to submission, all events need approval from the head of your department, division or unit. Institutional Communications reviews all event calendar submissions before they appear on the calendar to ensure consistency and prevent duplications. Please allow up to 72 hours for your event to appear on the calendar. For additional information, contact websupport@uwf.edu. If an update or change needs to be made to your submission or live event on the UWF Event Calendar, please contact calendar@uwf.edu.

UWF Event Calendar Guidelines

Events submitted to the UWF Event Calendar must meet the following guidelines: 

  • Events must be associated with the University, such as programs sponsored by UWF colleges, schools or departments, campus events hosted by recognized student organizations, large public events at University venues, or public meeting notices.
  • The appropriate department or division head must approve all events before they are submitted by UWF faculty or staff members.
  • Submissions must include a date, time and location in the event description section of the form.
  • Submissions must be event-oriented; news or announcements are not appropriate for inclusion.
  • Announcements regarding application deadlines, recurring classes/courses, or departmental staff meetings will not be accepted for submission.

How to Submit

Event Submitted By:

  • Enter your name, contact information, and organizational affiliation with the University.

Event Information:

  • Enter the event name and a brief, 3-4 sentence description. The description should contain complete sentences and include all information pertinent to your event, including the date, time, location, sponsoring organizations, speakers’ names and professional affiliations, cost of tickets if applicable, and a website link that can provide readers with more information if needed.
  • For the categorization, please choose all that apply.
  • Event fliers containing the same information as the event description will not be permitted. 

Note: The University's official ADA statement appears at the bottom of the event calendar website. Submissions to the event calendar do not need to include an ADA statement, as it will already appear on the page automatically.

Event Location:

  • Select the most accurate location.
  • If your building or room number is not available, but the event will take place on a UWF campus, select the appropriate campus (UWF Pensacola Campus, UWF Fort Walton Beach Campus).
  • If your event will not take place at any of the available locations, be sure to include the location and address in the Event Description.

Event Schedule:

  • Select a "start" and "end" date.
  • Select a "start" and "end" time.
  • Click “Generate Schedule”. 
  • You MUST generate the schedule or you will not be allowed to preview your event.

Contact Information:

  • In the event of questions, comments, or concerns, please provide the contact information of the person best suited to address these.

Other Information:

  • Check who can attend your event.
  • Select the sponsoring division (required).
  • Select the applicable department within that division.
  • Include any other details.
  • Enter the name of whom approved your event (required).
  • Include any notes that are strictly for internal purposes.
  • All events submitted need prior approval from the head of your department/division/unit.

Click "Preview"

  • Review your event information.
  • Click either “Back” to continue editing, or “Submit.”