@UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter

The @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter highlights campus announcements and is distributed to faculty and staff every Monday and Thursday.

How to Submit:

Please use the below forms to submit to the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter.

Submission Deadline:

The submission deadlines for the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter are as follows:

  • Monday distribution: Friday at 10 a.m.
  • Thursday distribution: Wednesday at 10 a.m.

If submissions are received after the deadline, they will run in the following edition. Distribution times and dates will change during holidays. Please look for announcements in the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter for distribution and deadline changes. For urgent updates or cancellations, please contact Matt Rowley at MRowley@uwf.edu or ext. 6109.

All submissions are considered for publication at the discretion of University Communications and may be edited to comply with journalistic standards and available space.

@UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter Submission Guidelines:

All submissions are considered for publication at the discretion of Institutional Communications and may be edited to comply with journalistic standards and available space. 

  • Contact Information: Provide your name and contact information at the beginning of your submission.
  • Submission Title: Include appropriate submission title. This is the title that will appear in bold immediately before your submission description.
  • Submission Description: If your submission is more than 85 words, it will not be included. Please check all spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Submission Distribution Date: Announcements are only run in the @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter once per submission. Please submit a new form with a new distribution date if you would like an announcement to be repeated. Announcements may only be repeated once, with the exception of those that are required by Florida law and occasional special announcements, as deemed appropriate by University Marketing & Communications.
  • Additional Information, Relevant Links and Attachments: Please include any links that you would like to be included in your announcement. If you would like a flyer or image to be included with your announcement, please upload it online and include a link to the attachment in your submission.
  • Corrections & Revisions: If there are any corrections needed to your submission, please submit a new @UWF Faculty & Staff Newsletter Submission Form and check the box indicating "This submission is an update to a previously submitted item. Please disregard the previous submission." Your previous submission will be deleted.
  • Outside Submissions: Announcements must be associated with the University, such as information regarding UWF events, faculty, staff, students or programs. If the announcement does not have a direct connection to the University, it will not be published.

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