Chief Information Officer

Mr. Michael Dieckmann is the Chief Information Officer for the University of West Florida. Mr. Dieckmann oversees information technology strategy, services, and investments for the university.

Mr. Michael Dieckmann

The Chief Information Officer, or CIO, is the senior executive charged with oversight and coordination of information technology issues and services for the university as a whole. At UWF, the Office of the CIO is organized within Academic Affairs. The CIO serves the University through leading major information technology (IT) initiatives and strategies; managing IT finances and resources; coordinating IT planning, policies and governance; overseeing IT risk management and compliance issues; and leading the central IT service organization, Information Technology Services. 

The core services provided by the Office of the CIO include the following:

  • IT Leadership
  • IT Planning and Strategy
  • IT Policy
  • IT Communications
  • IT Outreach
  • Oversight of ITS