HR Policies

University of West Florida Human Resources Regulations:

  • 2.029 Grievance Process for Employees Not Covered in a Bargaining Unit
  • 2.028 ‌ University Holidays

University of West Florida Human Resources Policies and Procedures:

  • HR-11.00 Introduction/General Provisions Governing Personnel Matters -  Policy under Revision
  • HR-12.00 Broadband Classification and Compensation - Policy under Revision
  • HR-13.00 Change in Duties, Reassignment, Demotion, and Transfer  - Policy under Revision
  • HR-14.00 Compensation 
  • HR-15.00 Employee Code of Ethics - Policy under Revision
  • HR-16.00 Employee Recognition Program - Policy under Revision
  • HR-17.03 Evaluation
  • HR-18.00 Hours of Work and Benefits - Policy under Revision
  • HR-19.00 Learning Opportunities - Policy under Revision
  • HR-20.00 Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment - Policy under Revision
  • HR-21.00 Separations from Employment - Policy under Revision
  • HR-22.00 Standards of Conduct - Policy under Revision

Other University of West Florida Policies and Procedures: