Staff Employment

Supervisor's and Office Administrator's guide to preparing Personnel Action Forms and new hire essential documents for OPS Staff, Executive Service, Faculty, and University Work Force employees.

Executive Service, Faculty and University Work Force

Executive Service, Faculty and University Work Force employees all have individual position numbers within our university budget.

Before hiring one of these types of employees or filling a vacant position, please make sure you have gone through the proper procedures to recruit for the position or have an approved Request for Waiver of Advertisement and that the salary for the position has been approved. Salaries should not go over the maximum of the pay range listed in the job posting or over the maximum for the pay grade without HR approval.

Personnel Action Forms for these positions must have the proper signatures before being processed by HR. Personnel Action Forms should be routed: 1) per the individual division's Delegation of Authority, 2) to any other departments involved (i.e. Research and Sponsored Programs, Foundation), and 3) through the Budget Office.

Other Personal Services (OPS)

OPS positions (OPS Staff, OPS Faculty, Adjuncts) are temporary, at-will employees. These positions are typically used to accomplish short term or intermittent tasks. These positions do not have individual positions numbers but have pooled position numbers. Human Resources will assign the position numbers on these Personnel Action Forms.

Personnel Action Forms for these positions must have the proper signatures before being processed by HR. Personnel Action Forms should be routed: 1) per the individual division's Delegation of Authority, and 2) to any other departments involved (i.e. Research and Sponsored Programs, Foundation, working Extra State Comp in another Department or Division). These Personnel Action Forms do not need to go through the Budget Office.

Before hiring an OPS employee, supervisors and office administrators should:

  • Assure they have management approval prior to filling new or vacant positions.
  • Verify that funding is available.
  • Review the OPS Staff Pay Plan to determine the appropriate pay grade for the position based on duties performed.
  • Get HR approval if the salary is above the maximum for the Class Code.
  • Contact HR if you have any questions regarding salaried exempt positions. All salaried exempt positions must meet salary test ($455 per week minimum) and duties test.
New Hire Essential Documents

Pre-Employment Documents

Once you have identified a finalist for your new or vacant position, the following pre-employment documents should be sent to Human Resources for review. No offer of employment should be made until you have received an email from our Employment Section stating that the background screening was complete and giving you permission to offer employment.

HR will input the background screening request upon receipt. Your candidate will then receive an email from HireRight, our background screening vendor. Please make sure your employee looks for and responds to this email. The background screening process will not start until this is done. Background screenings can take anywhere from three days to several weeks to complete so please be sure you allow sufficient lead time for this process.

New Hire Essential Documents

Once you have received the clearance above, you may make an offer and set up a start date. Ask your finalist to review the information on our New Hire web page and schedule a time for them to come in to complete their new hire essential documents prior to their first day.

The new hire essential documents below should be sent to HR along with the Personnel Action Form. To locate the Personnel Action Form, please log into MyUWF and enter Personnel Action Form in the search box. A new hire's essential documents must be received in Human Resources (Building 20E) before they can be placed on the payroll system. Please refer to the 2019 Payroll Calendar‌ for Personnel Action Form bi-weekly deadlines.

Note: It is federally mandated that all new hires complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 on or before their hire date and that a UWF representative verify their List A or List B and C documents and complete Section 2 within three business days of their hire date. The employee must be present and standing in front of you when you verify their documents. These documents are required in order to verify their identify and authorization to work in the United States. You must verify original, unexpired documents; faxed or scanned copies are not acceptable. If you have any questions regarding the proper completion of this form, please feel free to contact one of our HR Processing/Records  members at 850-474-2694. Additional I-9 information can be found in the Training and Tips and Tools sections.

Social Security Card Receipts

A Social Security card receipt may be used for W-4 purposes or as temporary work authorization for Form I-9, List C. These receipts are valid for 90 days from date of hire. Employees needing a replacement card should visit the local Social Security Administration office, in person, in order to receive an official receipt. Employees who request replacement cards online will not receive an official receipt. A copy of a Social Security Administration email to an employee acknowledging their online request is not an official receipt. Employees who use an official receipt as their List C document must bring their original Social Security card to Human Resources for verification within 90 days from their hire date in order to continue employment. Employees who do not provide their new Social Security card or other document(s) proving work authorization by the 90 days should not be allowed to work and will be terminated from employment with the University.

Document Receipt Acknowledgments

Please have your candidate review the below information. All new hires are required to acknowledge review of this information by signing the Essential Documents Checklist and Document Receipt Acknowledgment.


If your finalist has worked for UWF or any Florida Retirement System employer in the recent past, please be sure you contact Human Resources and receive clearance prior to making an offer of employment. There are many factors that come in to play when rehiring an employee. All rehires (even if they were just terminated the day before) must complete a new Florida Retirement System (FRS) Certification Form ‌ and must be cleared by our Employment Section before starting to work. This is required because certain restrictions apply to hiring former employees who are collecting a pension or who have taken any kind of distribution from their FRS Investment Plan or Optional Retirement Program (ORP). Other documentation requirements depend on the particular circumstances and how long the person has been gone.

Remote Hires

In the event a UWF new hire will be working at a remote location and will not be able to present original documents to an on-campus UWF representative, an authorized representative may complete the employer's section (Section 2) of the Form I-9 on our behalf. The remote hire may utilize a part of the CUPA-HR Consortium for this purpose. The Hiring department should contact Human Resources with the new hire’s zip code so we can provide a list of institutions which participate in the CUPA-HR I-9 Consortium. These institutions agree to complete the I-9 on our behalf and return it to the New Hire to send to UWF.

The new Remote Location Process has been added to the I-9 package‌ on the Human Resources web site.


Cell Phone Allowances

To initiate a cell phone allowance, a Personnel Action Form should be prepared and forwarded to Human Resources. The Personnel Action Form should indicate the start date and bi-weekly amount of the allowance. A signed Cell Phone Allowance Agreement‌‌ must accompany the Personnel Action Form. Cell phone allowances are not automatically carried forward from one position to another as the allowance is attached to the default earnings on the individual position. So, if an employee changes position number (within the same department or in a new department) and their cell phone allowance is to be continued, the department must note this on the Personnel Action Form for the new position.

Discretionary Pay Increases

Discretionary Pay Increases (University Work Force)

Pay increases to a University Work Force employee’s current position may be given if approved and if funding (rate) is available within the department.  See University Policy HR-14.00-2004/07 for details. Approved categories for pay increases are:

  • Position Orientation Year Increase
  • Pay for Performance Program (not currently active)
  • Permanent Duties Increase (significant increase in level or nature of duties; requires updated Job Description)
  • Temporary Duties Increase (increased duties for 30 or more days; end date required except for Interim positions)
  • Internal Equity/Salary Compression (requires justification)
  • Retention (requires justification/copy of offer letter)

All discretionary pay increases require an explanation and/or justification.  To avoid delays, please clear all permanent pay increase amounts through our HR Employment section prior to initiating a Personnel Action Form. Once all prerequisites have been completed, the department should initiate a Personnel Action Form which should reflect: beginning date, end date (if applicable), increase amount/percentage, new salary, and appropriate category (reason) for the increase.

Discretionary Pay Increases (OPS)

Discretionary pay increases may be given to OPS employees if approved, if departmental funding is available, and if allowed by the contract/grant or funding entity. Increases should not go over the maximum for the class code or pay grade.

Mandatory Pay Increases

Mandatory pay increases such as State and Federal minimum wage increases and across-the-board legislative pay increases are handled by Human Resources. Departments will not need to prepare individual Personnel Action Forms.  Information will be communicated to the campus as these events take place.

Supplemental Pay

  • Bonus - One-time, lump sum OPS payment for a successful completion of a special project or assignment which is in addition to the employee's regular duties or a documented significant increase in productivity or productivity goal achievement.
  • Additional State Comp/Extra State Comp/Overloads (University Work Force & Faculty Only) – Pay for additional work performed outside of current classification and not an extension of current position description.  Faculty overloads should adhere to Academic Affairs Standard Operating Procedure.  Please contact Human Resources in advance of work being performed by non-exempt employees as this may require overtime pay. Departments should initiate a Personnel Action Form and route for approval. When appointing an employee outside your Division/College, the Personnel Action Form must also route to the employee's supervisor/manager for approval. Personnel Action Forms should reflect: OPS appointment type; beginning date, end date, supplement $ amount, FTE; Home Orgn; Pay Index; Working Title; as well as the type of increase (Extra State Comp) and the reason.


Award payments to existing employees are processed via Personal Action Forms even though they are actually not “pay for work performed".  Please make sure the Personal Action Form shows:  OPS appointment type; effective (begin) date for the award; $ amount of the award; Pay Index for the Award; as well as the official award title (i.e., 2014 Professional Excellence Award Winner; Faculty Excellence in Teaching or Advising Award, etc.).

International Employees

All foreign nationals who are offered employment by UWF must have employment authorization in the form of an employment-based visa before they can begin work.  Please see our Foreign National Employee Services section for more information.  If you have any questions or doubts about completing an I-9 on an international employee, feel free to call one of our HR Processing/Records team members for assistance.


Throughout the year, Human Resources presents trainings on various topics of interest to both employees and supervisors. We encourage new supervisors and office administrators to attend these sessions. In case you have been unable to make it to these course, previous presentations have been placed below.

Tips and Tools

Below are the links to two brief webinars on the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) website regarding completing Section 1 and Section 2 of the Form I-9, Employment and Eligibility Verification form.