Recruitment Information for Supervisors

The University of West Florida is committed to providing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination towards applicants and employees as it pertains to race, color, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation and veteran status, consistent with State and Federal law. University departments shall welcome and encourage applications from a diverse population and hire the most suitable individual for a position based upon position requirements, preferred qualifications, and needs of the department.

Human Resources policy HR-20.00 details hiring principles, vacant positions, appointment types, advertising position vacancies, application, selection, and appointment.

A vacancy exists when an incumbent terminates an established position or when a new position is created. A current job description must be on file in Human Resources for Work Force positions before a vacancy can be advertised. All vacancies must be advertised for a minimum of ten business days on the online jobsite unless an exception or exemption exists. This site is the official means for advertising vacancies and is updated on a daily basis.

UWF Diversity Advertisement Initiative: The University of West Florida is a diverse university and is committed to recruiting diverse applicants. All University Work Force position vacancies at the Coordinator level or higher and all Faculty position vacancies (except Visiting Positions, Adjuncts, Instructors, and Lecturers) must be advertised in a least one external publication. This publication must be targeted to recruitment of gender and racial/ethnic minority candidates. Advertising Resources contains a listing of diverse publications.

Please refer to the Recruitment Checklist‌ for all the information that must be included in the advertisement. 

Once you have created your advertisement, submit the advertisement via email to HR for review and approval. UWF uses Graystone‌ for cost effectiveness, and an advertisement cannot be submitted to Graystone for advertising quotes until the advertisement has been approved by Human Resources. You will need to approve or disapprove the quotes from Graystone. Human Resources does not pay for advertisements; therefore, you will need to be ready to pay with a PCard for your department. Once you have given Graystone your approval, they will run your advertisement in the publications that you requested.  

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For questions or additional help, please contact HR at 850-474-2694 or April Harvey at 850-474-2606.